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Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes for Charity Organizations

Charities are crucial elements of society that help those who are in need. It’s a very noble cause and we highly respect it. But reaching out to thousands of people asking for help can be challenging at times. Today, everybody uses the Internet for various purposes, be it shopping, gaming or literally anything else. So,[…]

18 Top Notch Business Themes for WordPress

Insensibly for themselves, humanity realized that it lives in the digital world. And this world has its own laws and principles. Before, it was very difficult to express yourself for a million audience. Now, it’s possible. Moreover, it’s easy to do, you just need to know basic principles of digital space. First of all, you[…]

Creating a Perfect Place: 19 of the Top Interior Design WordPress Themes

Interior design is not just a process of choosing paint for your walls or buying separate pieces of furniture. During this process we design the space around us, creating the small world in which we live. What is around us can either comfort us and make us more productive or distract and suppress when it[…]

23 Society and People WordPress Themes that You Are not Able to Live Without

Society evolves, and you have to keep it up. Nowadays, everyone who runs any kind of business or provides people with any kind of services should have a website. That’s called the “establishment of your internet presence, and this is the rule of the new world. Adapt or die, as Billy Beane would say. Even[…]

Top 10 Transportation WordPress Themes to Set up an Feature-Rich Business Website

With each passing year people try to make various services and products more accessible around the world. That is why, the demand for effective logistics & transportation companies is constantly growing. So if you want to establish an efficient, outstanding transportation service, it’s high time to make your dream come true right now. What Does[…]

Best Travel WordPress Themes for Your Future Website

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. Won`t you agree with this statement? Dare to say that you`ll definitely approve it for yourself. Interest in travel and adventure rises day by day and it’s obvious why; the world has become a technologically advanced machine that requires broadening your[…]

10 Best WordPress Themes for Artists

What is art for you? Is it a famous painting? Or maybe it is a beautiful piece of music? It is always different to each and every person. Still, there is a word that describes art most accurately and collectively, which is POWER. Moreover, you cannot deny it since there were too many hearts melted[…]

Winter Sale: Get Your Dream Template With Up To 70% Off

There’s hardly a need to explain that every modern business should have a website to multiply sales. If you recognize this need but fear breaking the bank, we’ve got some stunning news for you. This February, TemplateMonster Marketplace, the second largest template marketplace in the world, runs a sale and gives you up to 70%[…]

Top 20 Pets & Animals WordPress Themes to Live with Love and Care

People can not live without love and care. We all feel this need inside us, and we all are willing to give and share our love and care. Who knows better than Templatemonster how to put love in everything you do, how to take care about each and every client in every project, how to[…]

Interview with TemplateMonster’s CEO David Braun

What’s a budget-friendly and time-effective solution to get a modern site? If you think about hiring a programmer, it will cost you a bundle, and the whole process may take surprisingly much more time than expected. Instead, you can use a ready-made website design known as a theme or template. All you have to do[…]