10+ Best Political and Activism WordPress Themes 2014

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(Last Updated On: July 10, 2014)

Here we’re going to share 10+ best WordPress political and activism themes 2014. If you’re running a political campaign or promoting something political and social, then these best WordPress themes are for you. So, let’s find the list of best political and activism WordPress themes.

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Rescue – Animal Shelter Theme + Petfinder Support

Rescue is a theme built with one purpose: Getting animals adopted. And on the plus side, your shelter can now have an awesome looking website. Pets can easily be added or you can pull them from your Petfinder profile with a few clicks.

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Rescue - Animal Shelter Theme + Petfinder Support

Animal Care – Premium WordPress Theme

Animal Care is a powerful, feature-rich theme that lets you customize a wide variety of features from the comfort of your Dashboard.

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Animal Care - Premium WordPress Theme - ThemeForest Previewer 2013-11-09 17-42-39

Nature Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

Nature is a clean, bold and responsive theme perfect for many uses, but primarily built with activism in mind. The beautiful gallery pages use masonry to display your images in a unique format with extra special directional rollovers and lightbox built in. A special section on the donation home page template enables you to set a target, update your total raised and add a percent figure for the css based bar.

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Nature Premium Responsive WordPress Theme - ThemeForest Previewer 2013-11-09 17-43-50

Advocate – A Nonprofit WordPress Theme

Advocate is a responsive WordPress theme ideal for nonprofits, charities, activists and political campaigns.

Flexible and highly customizable, Advocate is built with an impressive set of custom options that let you clearly display your events, news, sponsors and programs, making it easy for users to donate to and learn more about your cause.

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Advocate - A Nonprofit WordPress Theme - ThemeForest Previewer 2013-11-09 17-45-02

Political Press – Responsive WordPress Theme

Political Press is a purpose oriented WordPress theme for politics related websites and blogs. Political Press theme’s usage is not limited to creating a political candidate campaign website and it can be used for other websites or blogs related to politics. Even it can be used for other general purpose websites.

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Political Press 2013-11-09 17-46-35

Candidate – Political WordPress Theme

Candidate is a WordPress theme designed specifically for political and public figures. Drawing inspiration from the modern political arena and experience in building politically themed websites this design is flexible enough to fit any political option and social issue. With a few simple adjustments your site can go from a serious campaign presentation to a more informal grassroots movement. It’s easy to work on and has everything you need to reach out to your supporters.

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Candidate - Political WordPress Theme - ThemeForest Previewer 2013-11-09 17-51-07

Politic: Campaign, Political WP & BuddyPress Theme

Politic is meant to make you look good, professional and make you stand out as a trusted candidate for the people. This theme is definitely fast, with a rating of 87/100 on Google Pagespeed, which is just a proof of the fact that this theme is also SEO optimized.

Politic: Campaign & Political WordPress Theme, our very first file on this beautiful market, extremely unique with a bunch of cool features, just enough to keep you busy. This one can definitely become the perfect theme for you.

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Politic - Just another Big & Bold WordPress Themes site 2013-11-09 17-51-30

Politician Responsive WordPress Theme

Politician Responsive WordPress Theme uses a great deal of white/dark space to create a clean feel to this site. The elements of this web design are nicely spaced out to create a clean overall design. The light/dark background and elegant typography combines to make a very fresh design. This website is far from minimal, yet uses very clean edges, accentuated by the contrasts between content areas and backgrounds to create a highly clean web experience.

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Politician WordPress Theme

Campaign – Political WordPress Theme

Campaign is a theme that’s made to help you win in your political race and be the hub of your campaign. It’s built with the WP Email Capture plugin (both the free and premium versions) in mind to collect names and emails of your constituents and The Events Calendar plugin to display all of your upcoming events. There’s also an easy to set up donation button in the header. Whether Democrat, Republican, or any other type of party, this theme will handle any politician or cause.

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Campaign - Political WordPress Theme - ThemeForest Previewer 2013-11-09 17-52-36

Politico: Political Campaign WordPress Theme

The premier political theme on Theme Forest! WordPress Politico is ideal for political campaign sites. The slideshow is great for drawing attention to important issues or promoting a candidate into office.

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Politico 2013-11-09 17-53-20

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