Top 20 News Portal WordPress Themes To Keep Abreast of World Events

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(Last Updated On: April 13, 2018)

Today the whole world is connected and we have a wonderful possibility to be well informed of what is happening at the other corner of the world. It is a responsible and at the same time fascinating task to be a messenger of those events and conflicts that shape our today’s society. But what can be the best possible tool to convey such information other than a website? Thanks to it you can spread your message across every town and city, be able to constantly inform and educate your readers. In this compilation you will find the top 20 news portal WordPress themes, that can come in very handy with your uneasy task. The news templates are designed specifically for the text heavy websites, the websites which constantly update their content and are trying to cope with a huge amount of visitors. That’s why such a website has to be robust, simple and at the same time have a beautiful catchy design, that could be easily recognized by others. If that’s what you expect from your website, these news themes are for you.

One of the greatest advantages of the news portal WordPress themes is that they are responsive, which means it would be comfortable for your readers to browse your website via tablet, smartphone and any other device with a non-standard screen resolution. The website will be automatically adjusted to the size of the screen and all its elements will have their proper size. Moreover, you can adjust these elements any way you want. The themes are fully editable, and if you don’t like a font type, for instance, you can easily change it with a user friendly admin panel. The same goes with the background images, icons, sliders, logos, and many more. Change them, experiment with them, and in the end you may come up with a truly unique template, that would considerably differ from the original one. When it comes to the news portals, you definitely want your website to rank as higher as possible on different search engines. That’s why the fact that all the news themes are built with SEO in mind can definitely make your day.

The top 20 news portal WordPress themes are robust and at the same time very impressive what makes a perfect mixture of a beautiful design and a high quality. In this compilation you can find themes that could be a perfect fit for a news portal, sports news, a music portal, political news, and many more. Take your time and enjoy this collection of beautiful news portal WordPress themes.

Breaking News WordPress Template


Details | Demo

Fresh News WordPress Site


Details | Demo

Important News WordPress Template


Details | Demo

News That Matters WordPress Website


Details | Demo

Fascinating News WordPress Site


Details | Demo

Sport Events WordPress Website


Details | Demo

Sport Moto News WordPress Template


Details | Demo

The Latest Sport Events WordPress Site


Details | Demo

News You Cannot Miss WordPress Template


Details | Demo

Fresh Sport Events WordPress Website


Details | Demo

Healthy Lifestyle Tips WordPress Site


Details | Demo

Music Trends WordPress Site


Details | Demo

Sport Messenger WordPress Template


Details | Demo

Soccer News WordPress Website


Details | Demo

Rock’n’Roll Events WordPress Site


Details | Demo

Political Blog WordPress Website


Details | Demo

Political Opinions WordPress Template


Details | Demo

Latest Music News WordPress Site


Details | Demo

Politics Blog WordPress Template


Details | Demo

Politics And Culture WordPress Website


Details | Demo

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