TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace: A Reliable Place to Sell Your Downloadable Products?

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(Last Updated On: January 13, 2021)

Sharing your digital products on the Internet has never been easier. These days, it is not about the tedious process of launching a brand-new site to sell your assortment. It is about knowing exactly what you desire to sell and finding the right place to do this. Without a doubt, many creators come up with multiple downloadable products, including templates, graphics, and others. For this reason, it is crucial for them to get a stable cash flow that their work brings them. As you can understand, turning out to be a digital product seller is effortless. Especially when you choose the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace to showcase your work.

This marketplace is well-known for its impressive assortment of ready-made solutions. In addition to this, it provides a relaxed and trustworthy selling environment for authors. It brings a bunch of opportunities to sell your products quickly and effectively. In other words, it makes sure you will get the desired audience.

Today, we are going to speak about TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace as a platform for authors. Will it be a perfect match for you? Does it accept your product types and allow generating more revenue than other marketplaces? Get ready to find all the details and understand whether it will be an efficient way to sell your products.

A Historical Background of the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

Eighteen years ago when ready-made solutions were not so fashionable, TemplateMonster entered the Internet. It is pretty obvious that the resource went through multiple development stages to achieve success. In our opinion, it is impossible to speak about the present when you do not know about the past. Believe us, the past of this marketplace is very exciting and remarkable. Let us learn together everything about its history.

  1. TemplateMonster was born in 2002.
  2. In one year, in 2003, it took the lead among different HTML template providers. Then, an affiliate program entered the stage and started to bring commissions to various partners.
  3. In 2004, TemplateMonster added the first eCommerce templates to the resource.
  4. There were 10,000 digital items on the site. In addition to this, the team decided to launch an incredible MonsterBlog Post. Keep in mind that it is still working. Here, you have the freedom to read about different spheres of web-design, learn from tutorials, and get more knowledge.
  5. In 2006, WordPress themes won lots of attention from users and their era began.
  6. Two years later, more than 20,000 digital products were showcased on the site.
  7. In 2010, people could download more than 30,000 website templates.
  8. As the audience grew, it was crucial to meet the demands of the international audience. As a result, the team created three localized versions of the website. These included German, Spanish, and Russian ones.
  9. In 2017, it became possible to visit something bigger than an ordinary depository of digital items. In other words, TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace appeared and started to accept web-design assets from independent authors.
  10. TM Studio began to help different people with their website-building tasks in 2018.
  11. ONE by TemplateMonster is an original subscription service that appeared in 2019. It includes thousands of thoroughly selected tools for web development. People choose from three plans that are also suitable for marketers, bloggers, and other people. It also has a free plan that we can call a demo-version of the paid subscription. Thanks to it, you can download presentation, resume, and certificate templates. Furthermore, it enables downloading stock media.
  12. The number of digital products from independent authors reached 20,000 in 2020.

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace: Does It Guarantee Being a Widely-Popular Author?

We understand that it is not enough to say that the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace is an incredible place for authors. It is crucial to mention all the benefits of this resource. Will it handle your sales and connect you with different potential clients? Below, we have gathered the necessary pieces of information that make it easier to decide.

What to Know About the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace If You Are an Author?

These days, this marketplace offers its audience to choose from 82,000 digital items. In addition to this, more than 1,500 authors submit their assortment to the resource regularly. If you have an interest in being one of them, learning all the advantages will be useful.

  1. TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace has a massive assortment. What does it mean for all the potential authors? You are free to submit various types of products. As an example, it accepts CMS templates for WordPress, MotoCMS, Joomla, and other platforms. Moreover, you can share a bunch of HTML templates for different purposes. The next category is eCommerce themes for Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and other platforms. We cannot forget about illustrators and graphic designers. These people can add another income channel by sharing their graphics on the marketplace. You can submit such assets as icons, patterns, vectors, product mockups, and others.
  2. Making terms and conditions better for authors is one of the most important tasks. From time to time, the team updates them to make sure every author feels comfortable. As an example, a payout process is very effortless and transparent. Newcomers can always communicate with a manager who will help them to upload the first products.
  3. Another benefit is connected with the number of products to submit. In our opinion, you will be happy to hear that there is no limit in terms of them. Do you have a huge assortment to share? Do not be scared to submit all of the items for review. Keep in mind that adding your assets to ONE Subscription will bring you more money.   
  1. Without a doubt, sharing your experience with others, and learning from somebody’s mistakes is amazing. For this reason, a genial Facebook community is waiting for all the authors. Furthermore, you are going to find a helpful set of guides. These will help you to learn everything about the main author-related processes.
  2. After sending your products for review, you will get the answer as quickly as possible. If there are some violations of requirements, the team will explain what is wrong. As a result, you can improve the final product and submit it again.
  3. TemplateMonster wants the number of authors to grow. It launched a bonus program for authors who bring their talented friends to the marketplace. Just send them a link to register and get a commission.

Commissions on the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

  1. Selling your products only on the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace brings a starting commission of 50-65%.
  2. Non-exclusive items allow earning a commission that starts at 40%.
  3. A bigger number of sales will increase your commission by up to 65%.
  4. Authors who sell graphics always get a 65% commission for both exclusive and non-exclusive products.
  5. OpenCart and Shopify authors have a chance to use an author-driven pricing policy. It means that they can set their prices. The only demand is to start them at 29$.
  6. An extra 30% commission will be possible for those who decide to join the TemplateMonster Affiliate Program. It is possible to promote the assortment on your blog or social media using a special referral link. If one makes a purchase after clicking it, you can earn up to 95% commission from every sale.

A Few Words in Conclusion

These days, being a creator of digital products has turned out to be easier. You have all the necessary resources, tools, and tutorials to learn and improve. However, you need to know where to showcase your work to become recognized and earn money. We think that the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace can help you with this task. It will guarantee you lots of visibility, thanks to a big network with two million customers. As you could understand, it provides a great commission rate and many additional benefits. You can focus on the assortment and its high-quality. The marketplace will take care of all other things. We hope that you will be happy with the brand-new role of the author on this resource. Thanks for reading!

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