On the Road to Better World: The 20 Drupal Themes to Make Every Utopia Real

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2018)

”Beauty saves the world” is such a cliche, that it has to be true. Well, guess what: it is.

There’s one single reason for a human being to be alive. Enjoy oneself. Enjoy the life and what could be done with it. And the truth is, for a human being, the one thing to be enjoyed most is beauty. Creating it. Interacting with it.

Every utopia was invented to give the perfect environment for the beauty to thrive. Well, utopias are not real yet. But with the right tools, we can make them real. Or real enough to be happy.

Good design is one of the pillars on which the notion of Real Beauty stands. Good design changes lives. It saves lives. Sometimes the only thing that matters is good design being implemented in time. People say all kinds of things about the modern times, but they have to agree: today, there’s a lot of good design. And there’s a lot of beauty.

People seek that beauty and if you are aimed at achieving the truest success imaginable among them, you have to catch it first.

That’s where our today’s templates come in. The ready-made designs are about two things: being handsome and being there in time. Drupal is a powerful CMS to let you do whatever you want, but it’s crucially important to get it to stand out.

A good ready-made template brings a lot of advantages with it. Let’s look at them.

It Stands Out

Created by a team of designers who knew what they were doing, each template from our today’s list is different and recognizable.

It Pays Off

Opting for a pre-built template leads to both your money and your time being saved. Those layouts cost less than a hundred bucks and could be installed and ready to go today.

It Doesn’t Leave You Alone

Buy a template from a successful template provider (we highly recommend TemplateMonster.com) and you get an access to a support team that works 24/7 and is ready to answer all your questions.

It Is Modern

A good website should look gorgeous on any device. The templates we are talking about support all the current trends and requirements of the modern web.

Ready to look for a template of your dreams and build a utopia of your very own? Let’s proceed to the Top 20 Drupal layouts and what they could mean for your website.

A Website on Steak? Use Goodsteak Template

Steak Club Drupal Template

The context of the food is just as important as its taste. Sometimes what is the most delicious meal in the fashion restaurant would taste like nothing if taken home. We don’t know if it’s a good thing but it’s the truth and using context to your advantage always helps. The Goodsteak template provides a clean and very modern website environment, where food is tasty even before it enters your mouth.

Details | Demo

A Photographer Portfolio? Use Dave Madson Theme

Photographer Portfolio Responsive Drupal Template

Well, what do we have here? A stylish layout that could be used as a perfect portfolio for both an amateur and an established photographer. With a smart division of elements, your audience will be able to look at your photographs and learn more about you all in the same time.

Details | Demo

A Museum Website? Use Dinosaur Museum Layout

Museum Responsive Drupal Template

People always thrived to learn more about their past and museums always catch our attention. A good museum should have a website that will be just as interesting as the museum itself. Use this template if you want that result.

Details | Demo

Website for a Video Lab? Use Cartoons Studio Design

Video Lab Responsive Drupal Template

The color coding is the main trick behind this template. The division in several sublevels each with its own color is not only clever and user-friendly, but also good-looking.

Details | Demo

Website to Educate People? Use Private Teachers Theme

Education Responsive Drupal Template

Education is often boring but it doesn’t have to be. What it has to be though is thought-out and a template like Private Teachers is an illustration to that approach. People will leave your website a bit smarter than when they entered it — isn’t that an appealing achievement?

Details | Demo

A Website for Crafts? Use Textile Template

Crafts Responsive Drupal Template

There is no revolutionary design sidesteps here and that in itself is pretty revolutionary. This template is focused and goal-oriented. People who work in industry will surely appreciate that.

Details | Demo

A Website for a Green Farm? Use Agrolux Layout

Farm Drupal Template

This template does what for a long time was perceived as being impossible to do. It makes agriculture… Stylish. Trendy. Fashionable. The dark wooden texture in the background, combined with soft green color and a couple of great stills make all the impression in the world.

Details | Demo

Website to Fly? Use the FlyAway Theme

Private Airline Responsive Drupal Template

There is a special moment there, in the sky. It’s when you enter a cloudy patch during the sunrise. You’re all warm and comfy in your seat and the sky looks like all the kinds of beauty at once. You’re a bit sleepy, but you’re happy. That’s the feeling this template tries to evoke.

Details | Demo

Website to DJ on? Use WeddingDJ Design

Personal Page Responsive Drupal Template

The job of the DJ is both simple and complicated: find the energy on your fingertips, translate it into music and bring it into the heads and bodies and souls of your listeners. Pretty cool, huh? The WeddingDJ template is pretty cool, too, with just enough information to leave your clients intrigued and hooked.

Details | Demo

A Website for Yoga? Use Lotos Template

Yoga Drupal Template

Feeling the connection to the world deep inside your own body is overwhelming. That’s what yoga does to your body. To connect itself to the notion of total tranquility and control of yoga, this template uses soft colors and clear fonts.

Details | Demo

Website on Medical Help? Use Jenios Theme

Medical Responsive Drupal Template

Helping people starts with telling them that everything is going to be okay. And it’s important to do that: having your patients believing in their successful treatment is 85% of the job done. A website that looks like the Jenios template look just calm and supportive enough to do that part of the job for you.

Details | Demo

Website for Hunters? Use the Hunting Club Design

Hunting Responsive Drupal Template

Hunting is the classic pastime of men and women who are successful enough and smart enough to know what they are doing with their lives. Through centuries, hunting is the hobby of the privileged and clever. The traditional black and white contrast used in this template highlights that idea.

Details | Demo

Website to Insure You? Use the Insurax Layout

Insurance Responsive Drupal Template

A single yellow stripe right in the middle of your main page will catch all the attention you could possibly desire. And when the attention of your client is already yours, what’s left to be done is simple: give them the answers and make them easy enough to grasp.

Details | Demo

Website to be Sweet? Use the SweetCakes Design

Sweet Shop Drupal Template

The combination of colors here was picked out specifically to underline the sweetness. However, the designers of this template were smart enough not to overblow things, not to clutter the website with cakes and sugar. It’s simple and it’s stylish and it’s sweet.

Details | Demo

Merchant Website? Use the Hobo Template

Merchant Services Responsive Drupal Template

Minimalistic and easy on the eyes, this design is all about being subtle. It presents the information necessary for your clients with a confidence that never really goes too intrusive. It is a design that respects people.

Details | Demo

Website for Your Favorite Pet? Use Cats Theme

Cat Responsive Drupal Template

Well, if there’s one truth in life that doesn’t need to be proven or discussed it is that cats are enormously cute. If you want to establish a website about cats, you’ll need something good. The Cats template was specifically designed to highlight the cuteness and beauty of cats.

Details | Demo

Website to Repair Cars? Use AutoRepair Layout

Car Repair Responsive Drupal Template

Clean and simple design leads to a better understanding of what to do next. People who need their cars repaired are usually panicking and thus they will surely appreciate a moment of perfect clarity that comes hand in hand with your website.

Details | Demo

Website to be Beautiful? Use the Savage Design

Beauty Salon Responsive Drupal Template

The contrast between black and dark red here is absolutely striking. With a few touches of different colors, primarily pink and gray, this template becomes one of the most accomplished in our today’s list. It’s about the perfect balance of beauty — something that many are seeking.

Details | Demo

Website from Italy? Use La Biele Template

Italian Restaurant Responsive Drupal Template

Orange, green and blue combined makes for a very tasty website. People will love visiting your site just as much as they would love visiting your restaurant.

Details | Demo

Website to Manage? Use 4BRAVO Theme

Management Company Responsive Drupal Template

Success is something that values proper treatment. Your website with the 4BRAVO template will be that treatment. The bright red in the middle of the main page is a brave solution and it pays off by making this template precise and different. It stands out — just like any success does.

Details | Demo

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