Novi Editor: What to Know About a Popular Visual HTML Page Builder?

Many web-developers are looking for effective methods to simplify their workflow. They have an interest in crafting the highest number of online-projects for their clients. In addition to this, many novices need something that allows managing their website easily. It is possible to turn to a widely-used Novi Builder in terms of both of these[…]

30+ Best PHP Live Chat and Message Systems

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15+ Best PHP Calendar, News, Events Scripts

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70+ PHP Contact, Login, Captcha Form Scripts, Builders & Generators

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15+ Best PHP Cache Scripts and Classes

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How to remove deprecated errors while running new php versions

If you’re running PHP code on the server having latest version of PHP, and you’re using deprecated code of PHP. Then, you might get the error something like below: Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated Note: Errors code be different, but for deprecated error, the error will have Deprecated written.[…]

How to Create User Friendly URLs or Slugs with PHP

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How to Allow Downloading in 3 Seconds With PHP

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PHP Tip: How to Count Visits With Cookie and Display Welcome Message

Here, we’ll show you how you can count visits of a specific visitor with PHP cookies. The following script will say “welcome” on a visitor’s first time visit.   If that visitor has already visited, then it will give the visit number when the visitor was on the website last time. // set the variable[…]

20+ Best Free PHP Survey and Polls Scripts and Examples

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