Multipurpose Templates vs. Niche Websites: What Template Fits You Better?

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(Last Updated On: August 22, 2017)

Multipurpose templates became popular just recently and seem to start competing with tried-and-tested niche templates that are out there since template industry was born. Have you ever wondered why they are so special and what makes more and more people go for them? Today, we’ll see what makes a multipurpose website different from a niche website and explore pros and cons of going for a theme of each type.

multipurpose templates

Multipurpose Template

Multipurpose templates are the ones that are great to build any kind of a website with. You may say: yeah, I’d better go for an industry-related theme to get a design that’s tailored to promote exactly what I sell! Wait a moment. The thing that makes modern multipurpose themes so special is that they often come with skins that are tailored for specific branches of industry. In this case, you can still go for an industry-related design, having a multipurpose template.

One more reason why people prefer multipurpose templates more and more is that they come with way more functionality to them (I’m speaking about plugins and visual editors). Let’s see why. If the theme is multipurpose, it’s wise to pack it with different prebuilt plugins, so that people creating different websites with it would be satisfied. And that’s great as you get a chance to discover the functionality, you never planned to add to your website in the first place.

What else? If the theme is universal, you’re likely to customize it more to fit your unique vision and make it special. Neigh, extra work is not what you like. But, wait a moment, you’ll be customizing a niche template as well. The fact is that developers spend much more time on trying to make multipurpose templates easy to customize. With top-notch visual editors, you’ll be able to turn your site into a niche website within a short period of time and get the website that brings your site guests unparalleled UX and the design that 100% matches your corporate identity.

It’s time to see a couple of multipurpose theme examples.

Skyline Multipurpose MotoCMS Template

Skyline - Business, Dentistry, Architecture & Travel Moto CMS 3 Template


Skyline theme truly deserves being featured here. It comes with 5 niche skins that let you craft a website for the branch of industry you work in. Moreover, it comes with truly fascinating and efficient drag-n-drop editor that saves you from working with code or even working on the back end. You can fully customize your website in visual mode, which is a feature, rarely meet among website templates. With Skyline you get 20+ ready-to-use pages out of the box, so you can choose the pages you need and craft your unique website within a short period of time.

Spectrum Ultimate Business Website Design

Spectrum Ultimate Business Website Design


One more great example, Spectrum theme comes with 5 tailor-made home pages for different industries and 19 pages to choose from to shape your website the way you like. The theme is also fully editable in drag-n-drop builder that comes with a library of 100+ different content blocks. What’s more, the theme comes with a rich set of custom widgets and plugins to help you succeed online.

Evolution Universal Business Website Theme

Evolution Universal Business Website Theme


Evolution multipurpose theme is one of the most advanced website builder website templates. It comes with a number of ready-made child pages for a niche website, such as Design, Medical, Car Repair, Real Estate, Hotel, Law, etc. The theme is technically advanced, 100% responsive and SEO-optimized to ensure that your website is discovered by as many people as possible.

Niche Website

Now, let’s turn to niche templates. These are the themes that are tailored for one specific purpose, e.g. photographer portfolio, news blog, electrician website or car repair. This is the way it used to be in the past. You go for a theme, where you can change as little as possible and save your time. The great thing about niche websites is that you can be lucky (or smart) enough to get a theme that has not only industry-related design but also specific industry-related functionality. For instance, you’ll get a Restaurant Menu plugin with a restaurant template, or an Appointment Booking plugin with a medical one. Check out this theme for a real estate niche website as an example:

Houas Responsive Niche Website Template


The downside of the niche templates is that the functionality of them is narrower and they are not that well adapted for advanced editing. With a niche template, you won’t get as many plugins and widgets, as you would with a multipurpose one.


Multipurpose themes are gradually conquering the world and there seems to be a number of reasons for this. They offer more extended functionality and have skins that take care of niche-related design. However, I’m not arguing here for or against them. Niche templates are still great if you’re looking exclusively for niche-related design and functionality.

What kind of templates do you prefer: niche websites or multipurpose templates? Let me know in the Comments section below.

Stay tuned!

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