Novi Editor: What to Know About a Popular Visual HTML Page Builder?

Many web-developers are looking for effective methods to simplify their workflow. They have an interest in crafting the highest number of online-projects for their clients. In addition to this, many novices need something that allows managing their website easily. It is possible to turn to a widely-used Novi Builder in terms of both of these

Navbar JavaScript: Build a Fully-Responsive Navigation for Your Website

Every online-project requires having easy-to-use navigation. Not everyone can create well-organized website navigation in a flash. In this case, they might turn to some additional tools to speed this process up. As an example, they can use scripts. They are easy-to-use and take the smallest amount of time to install them. Today, we want to[…]

100+ Best Responsive jQuery Image Carousel 3D Slider Plugins

These 100+ Best Responsive jQuery Image Carousel Slider Plugins allows you easily create beautiful and powerful sliders using the simple HTML markup. These jQuery image plugins are easy to customize. You can configure images, number of images visible, image reflection, text description, carousel image with direction button and much more. These jQuery image plugins also[…]

35+ Best jQuery Form Plugins, Skins, UI Builders and Wizards

Here we’re sharing 35+ Best jQuery Form Plugins, Skins, UI Builders and Wizards to make your jQuery forms functional and attractive to your visitors. These jQuery form plugins are useful to communicate with your visitors. These jQuery form plugins have beautiful form elements with large amount of javascript features: validation, masking, modals, ajax submit, datepickers.[…]

50+ Best jQuery Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter) Plugins

This is a list of jQuery social network plugins. You’ll find jQuery Facebook plugins, jQuery Twitter plugins, jQuery instagram plugins, jQuery pinterest plugins and other social network plugins. Checkout other jQuery Collections: Engaged Social Navigation Framework Engaged social menu is a super simple menu that can be easily integrated into any website including WordPress. Some[…]

40+ Best jQuery Popup and Lightbox Plugins

List of 40+ Best jQuery Popup and Lightbox Plugins. In the collection, you’ll find jQeury notification plugins, jQuery dialog box plugins, jQuery modal box plugins, jQuery popup plugin and jQuery lightbox plugins. Checkout other jQuery Collections: flavr – Flat jQuery Popup Dialog flavr is a freshly build stylish popup dialog for your next flat website.[…]

jQuery Tip: How to Display Images Vertically and Horizontally with jQuery

If you want to display images in your web page horizontally or vertically. Following is a tutorial to do that.   HTML Code First, we’ll create the HTML markup for doing this.

15+ Best jQuery Gauge Meter, Poll and Chart Plugins

If you’re looking for some best jQuery gauge meter, poll and chart plugins, then below is a list for you. In the list, you’ll find jquery graph plugin, jquery interactive charts, jquery animated charts and graphs, jquery charts examples, jQuery gauge meter plugins and jQuery poll plugins. Check these out. Checkout other jQuery Collections: GraphUp[…]

50+ Best jQuery CSS3 Navigation and Menu Plugins

Menus are an important part of every website that allow users to visit the various sections easily. Take an example from a menu-card in a restaurant. In the card, they put everything they can provide. So menus and navigation also work in the same way. We summarize everything, we provide on our websites. So, following[…]

jQuery Touch N Swipe Image Gallery Plugin

jQuery Touch N Swipe Image Gallery Plugin a responsive, flexible and easy to setup image gallery for mobile and desktop that supports touch gestures such as pinch zoom, drag and swipe.   Features 1. Sometimes one gallery is not enough. This allows you to have multiple galleries in one page with their own images, options and[…]