Why WordPress? (Perfect answer)

In many cases, people choose WordPress because it’s an easy platform to use if you’re new to web development. However, WordPress also has a lot to offer if you have experience building websites. It’s entirely customizable, and its plugin and theme systems can enable you to build almost any type of site you’d like.


What is WordPress and why do I need it?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS for short). It’s a robust tool for creating and managing your website. Blogs, business websites, personal sites, and ecommerce stores alike can benefit from using WordPress. This platform is run online, meaning you don’t need to download any desktop software to use it.

Why you should not use WordPress?

WordPress Restricts Web Designers and Developers. As developers, we have the capability to build anything the client would like bespoke, but sometimes WordPress doesn’t allow us to implement that. So Designers can get frustrated because their ideas are not possible within WordPress.

What is WordPress best for?

You can use WordPress to build almost any kind of website imaginable! You can use it to start a blog, make a small business website, create an online store, build a membership site, sell online courses, run a marketplace, and more.

Why should I learn WordPress?

WordPress has a lot of features and plugins which make it easy for non-coders to easily build websites from scratch. If you choose to learn WordPress development, you will know how to work with plugins and themes, which allows you to have more control over the kind of website you wish to build.

Is WordPress easier than HTML?

Customizing a WordPress site is simple compared to HTML sites which typically require a developer to make even the smallest change. On the other hand, HTML sites are easier to maintain as they don’t have to be compatible with plugins that help a CMS like WordPress function properly.

Is there anything better than WordPress?

Five best WordPress alternatives

  1. Wix. Wix is an intuitive website builder that contains most elements required for website-building.
  2. Shopify. Shopify is one of the best WordPress alternatives if you specifically want to create an ecommerce store.
  3. Drupal.
  4. Squarespace.
  5. Ghost.

Is WordPress still relevant 2021?

For most people, WordPress is still a great choice. It’s simple, powerful, and free. Though it has some shortcomings, you can use plugins to overcome them. With the aging technology of WordPress, it will become obsolete at some point in the future.

Do most Web designers use WordPress?

A significant number of professional web developers use WordPress for web development. As WordPress powers nearly 28.9% of web, the demand for developers with this skillset has remained consistent over the last 10 years.

Is WordPress good for freelancing?

WordPress is a huge market with plenty of opportunity for remote freelance web developers. There is good money to be made. I’ve had a lot of success freelancing in this space. Ultimately, it comes down to finding good clients.

Is WordPress an important skill?

Is WordPress a good skill to have? Even if you don’t want to be a web developer, the answer is yes! At its most basic level, understanding how to create a website using existing WordPress themes and plugins makes job seekers highly valuable, especially in tech startup and marketing roles.

When should I learn WordPress?

Here are some basic timeframes that industry professionals agree upon:

  1. Basic-level WordPress user: 10 hours or less. This entails getting a basic website online.
  2. Entry-level WordPress developer: 6 months to a year of active learning.
  3. Expert WordPress developer: 2 years, plus ongoing learning.

Is WordPress good for beginners?

WordPress Is Easy to Use Despite being the most flexible and powerful platform, WordPress is quite easy to use for beginners. It comes with a simple dashboard with different menu options listed in the sidebar. You can easily create posts and pages, customize your website design, add navigation menus, and more.

6 Most Important Reasons to Use WordPress in 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is: Why should I use WordPress? Isn’t my website up to scratch? What is the reason for making the switch from another platform to WordPress? If you’re asking yourself these kinds of questions, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over the most compelling arguments for why you should consider using WordPress. Aside from that, we’ll go over all the different kinds of websites you can build with WordPress and show off some of the most popular ones that are built with the platform.

Please do not confuse this with WordPress.com, which is a web-based content management system.

Another common misconception about WordPress is that it is merely a blogging platform.

WordPress, on the other hand, is much more.

The most appealing feature of WordPress is that it is simple to use while also being versatile enough to accommodate different types of websites.

It is estimated that WordPress powers 43 percent of all websites on the internet, according to a recent survey.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should use WordPress to build your site.

1. WordPress is Free as in Freedom

WordPress is a completely free piece of software. It implies that you are free to download, install, use, and change it in any way that best suits your requirements. You may use it to build whatever type of website you want. For additional information, please visit our article on why WordPress is free. Whilst you may download and use the WordPress software for free, you need need a domain name and web hosting in order to install it. It is the address of your website on the internet that is represented by a domain name.

  • Web hosting is similar to having a physical home for your website, where all of your website files are stored.
  • They are one of the largest hosting businesses in the world, and they are also an officially recommended WordPress hosting service on the WordPress.org website.
  • In essence, you can get started for as little as $2.75 a month.
  • Take a look at our selection of the finest WordPress hosting services.

Following our step-by-step instruction on how to install WordPress, you can also complete the task on your own without assistance.

2. WordPress Is Easy to Use

Despite the fact that it is the most versatile and powerful platform available, WordPress is relatively simple to use for novices. The interface is straightforward, with numerous menu options shown on the sidebar for ease of navigation. You can quickly publish articles and pages, adjust your website’s style, add navigation menus, and do a variety of other things using WordPress. WordPress makes it simple for complete beginners to create and maintain their own websites without encountering any technological difficulties.

  • WordPress publishes coreWordPress updates on a regular basis, which you may install with a single click of the button.
  • There are good WordPress backup plugins available for use in this regard (many of them are free).
  • Finally, there is the issue of security.
  • If you are a complete novice, you may find it a little intimidating at first.
  • Over the course of the previous ten years, we have witnessed thousands of beginners progress fast to intermediate and expert levels of proficiency.
  • Our WordPress lessons cover a wide range of topics, from beginner to intermediate, and are available at WPBeginner.
  • For assistance in getting started, simply put your query into Google and include the words ‘WPBeginner’ at the end of your question to receive assistance.

3. WordPress Is Completely Customizable

The vast majority of people who use WordPress are neither web designers nor programmers. In reality, the majority of people who use WordPress do so without having any prior experience with website creation. WordPress is the ideal alternative for those who are not technically smart since it offers thousands of free website layouts (themes) from which to pick. In fact, there is a great WordPress theme for almost any type of website (whether it’s for blogging, a small business website, or an online store).

  • For example, the Astra theme is one that we frequently recommend since it makes it simple to construct a professional-looking website even for those who are just starting out.
  • For more themes that we suggest, have a look at our expert-curated collection of the finest versatile WordPress themes.
  • Plugins, on the other hand, allow you to customize the functionality of your WordPress site.
  • There are hundreds of free and paid plugins available for you to choose from, just as there are thousands of themes.
  • Some WordPress plugins, in addition to providing additional functionality, may be used to change your website into an entirely other platform.

Having to choose from thousands of plugins might be intimidating, but there are a few vital WordPress plugins that we suggest for every website. These are the plugins we recommend:

  • A contact form plugin, so that your visitors may contact you directly
  • Analytics plugins, so you can keep track of how many visits you’re receiving
  • The use of search engine optimization plugins to increase the amount of traffic received by Google

You’ll then need to select additional plugins, which may vary depending on the sort of website you’re putting up. You may always search Google for the best plugin for your needs and include the words ‘WPBeginner’ in your search to see our recommendations. Prior to recommending a plugin, our experienced staff extensively examines each and every one of them.

4. WordPress Is SEO Friendly

Even the most well-designed website in the world will fail if it does not receive any traffic or visitors. WordPress, on the other hand, was created with search engine traffic in mind. WordPress is developed in high-quality code that includes semantic markup to provide a rich user experience. In layman’s terms, this indicates that Google and other search engines are big fans of WordPress. This is why WordPress sites tend to rank higher in search engines than other types of websites. We propose that you use a WordPress SEO plugin to improve your site and drive even more traffic to it.

It is simple to use, yet it is also really powerful.

See our comprehensive WordPress SEO guide for detailed step-by-step instructions and professional recommendations on how to optimize your website for search engines.

5. WordPress Is Safe and Secure

WordPress was created with security in mind, and it is a very safe and secure platform on which to host a website of any kind. However, there is still more you can do to make your website even more safe from hackers, malware, and other potential threats. Please visit our step-by-step WordPress security tutorial for beginners for more information on this. Sucuri is the security software that we use to protect ourselves against common dangers such as brute force assaults and viruses. If you want to make sure your site is safe, you may use their free WordPress security plugin, Sucuri Scanner, to do so.

6. WordPress Is Here to Stay

Website builders come and go on a regular basis. Even the most well-known ones (remember GeoCities?) might go out of business. Open-source software, on the other hand, has a significantly higher chance of being in existence for an extremely long period of time. This is due to the fact that open-source software is not maintained by a single individual or organization. In the event that WordPress is no longer available, anyone may easily fork its code and relaunch it under a new name in a couple of minutes.

The WordPress foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that WordPress continues to flourish, has taken steps to preserve the term WordPress.

As a community, they all work together to guarantee that WordPress will be there for the long term.

Over 53 languages are supported, and thousands of multilingual websites are powered by it as well.

In addition to having over 80,000 members, our ownWPBeginner Engagegroup on Facebook is the largest WordPress community on the internet. If you’re looking for a quick solution to your WordPress query from our experienced staff or other website owners, here is the place to go.

What Kinds of Websites Can You Create With WordPress?

From basic websites to e-commerce marketplaces and everything in between, WordPress may be utilized in a variety of applications. Below are a few examples of the many various types of websites that can be created using WordPress as the platform.

  • Creating a blog, creating a company website, launching an online store, creating a membership website, and selling online courses are all possibilities.

See our complete list of the many sorts of websites that can be created with WordPress. We hope that this post has provided you with an answer to your inquiry concerning why you should utilize WordPress. The most effective approach to fully appreciate WordPress’s capabilities is to actually use it. Make sure to give it a go and let us know what you think! We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more WordPress video tutorials if you enjoyed this post. On top of that, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

11 Reasons why WordPress is so POPULAR & What to Look out for

WordPress is the CMS of choice for 38.2 percent of the top 10 million most visited websites on the internet, and the brand has a 63.5 percent share of the CMS market. WordPress is the most popular CMS for small businesses.

In 2020, it’s estimated that more than 455 million websites use WordPress.

Unquestionably, WordPress has had a significant influence and reached, but why is this so? What makes this content management system the logical choice for the majority of website owners? All of the reasons why WordPress is so popular are summarized in this post.

The Benefits of using WordPress

First and foremost, downloading and installing theWordPress core software on your website is completely free of charge. One of the key reasons for the popularity of WordPress is the decision to make it free; this essentially lowers the barrier to producing a high-quality, professional website. It is critical to emphasize that just the basic program is available for free. It is possible that any themes or plugins you install will have an extra cost. WordPress, on the other hand, allows you to create a beautiful professional website while saving money for other important company needs.

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2. WordPress is open-source

As an added bonus, WordPress is open-source, which means that its designers have released the software’s source code, allowing anybody to modify and adapt it to suit their own needs, including for commercial purposes. As a result of WordPress’ open-source nature, a large and active community of contributors has developed and flourished throughout the years. Their ultimate objective is to continuously advance WordPress through the creation of core software enhancements as well as the development of auxiliary products such as themes and plugins.

3. There’s a plugin for just about everything

WordPress plugins are little pieces of software that allow you to enhance the functionality of your website by adding new features. There are many different sorts of plugins available, each of which is meant to satisfy a certain requirement – from page builders to contact forms. Plugins are available for free or for a fee, and while many of the free plugins are adequate, there are certain expensive plugins that are well worth the money. Are you unsure about where to begin? Don’t miss out on our important WordPress plugins guide, written by seasoned WordPress pros that have been around the block a few times.

Everyone who uses WordPress has access to the ever-expanding repository of plugins, some of which are free and others which are not. Don’t forget to check out our article on how to select a WordPress plugin.

4. WordPress is the best blogging platform in the business

In 2003, WordPress was founded as a blogging platform, as the majority of people are aware. Despite the passage of time (17 years later), it is still the greatest option available. Although it has faced competition in the past — many of which are still active, such as Tumblr, Medium, and Blogger – WordPress has shown to be a superior platform in every way. With WordPress, you can create anything from a basic single-author blog with regularly published material to a complete online magazine using scheduled entries, several authors, editors, and contributors.

Once your material has been submitted, you will be able to see it and make modifications without the need for any coding skills or experience.

5. But it’s notjustfor blogging

While WordPress has earned a reputation as a blogger’s haven, it is far from a one-trick pony in terms of functionality. WordPress may be used for a variety of purposes other than blogging. Listed below are a few examples of what you can accomplish with a WordPress website:

  • ELearning portal: Are you interested in creating your own online learning academy? If you use WordPress and Learning Management System (LMS) hosting, you can accomplish this. The most common option is to make use of the LifterLMS plugin, which will allow you to design and advertise online courses that can generate revenue for you. With this plugin, you can also incorporate multimedia lessons in your lectures. Manager of invoicing and billing systems: With the WP-Invoice plugin, you can easily create and send invoices for your products and services from within WordPress. It may be rudimentary, but it will get the job done. If you decide it’s not for you after checking it out, don’t be discouraged
  • There are numerous more plugins accessible in the WordPress plugin repository to choose from. News portal with an RSS feed: In today’s often overwhelming internet environment, simply offering access to the news will never be enough
  • You must also provide an RSS feed. WordPress makes it simple to include feeds from a variety of sources alongside your blog entries and other content. Use plugins such as WP RSS Aggregator to make it simple to integrate RSS feeds into your website. Create a knowledgebase with WordPress: WordPress makes it astoundingly simple to create an encyclopedia-like knowledgebase that contains glossaries and dictionary entries. Create tags, categories, and user-defined templates to show your material in the most effective way possible, ensuring that people can find answers quickly. In addition, knowledgebase plugins like as Heroic may generate papers, minimizing the need for assistance. A employment board: Have you considered changing your WordPress website into a job board? It’s as simple as installing a single plugin. WP Job Manager allows you to easily add, organize, and manage job listings on your website with a few clicks. Using this plugin, both registered users and visitors may look for and apply for jobs that have been posted by businesses. Systems for event management include: The practice of holding events throughout the year is popular among many companies. As a result, it has become necessary to create an altogether different web system for the administration of these events. There are a number of plugins available in the repository that allow you to integrate and sync major calendar applications, making event administration easier. Scheduling of appointments: Appointments are required for people from a wide range of sectors. A straightforward online appointment management system would be extremely advantageous for these specialists. Bookings may be managed thanks to WordPress, which is a blessing.

6. WordPress prioritizes SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be an integral aspect of every website owner’s overall internet marketing plan, according to Search Engine Land. Why? When done correctly, search engine optimization (SEO) helps to improve your site’s search results ranks, which determines whether or not your intended audiences are able to reach your site. When it comes to implementing thorough and successful SEO methods, several website-building tools make it tough for consumers. The good news is that this is not the case with WordPress.

Due to the wide variety of plugins available, WordPress makes SEO simple for all users.

SEO by Yoast, All-in-One SEO, and Schema or Schema Pro are some of our favorite WordPress SEO plugins, and we recommend them all.

7. WordPress websites grow with you

In the same way that you would think of your company as a plant that is always growing, you may think of your website as the pot that it lives in. As a plant grows, you may discover that it outgrows the container it is in. Start with a WordPress website and you’ll find it quite easy to expand your business and “repot” your business, to put it another way. How? When it comes to creating a website, there are three major approaches you may take: DIY, template, and bespoke. DIY is the most cost-effective option.

Because WordPress allows you to construct all three types of websites, you will never have to switch from one website platform to another and start over in order to allow your business to continue to develop and prosper. Let’s have a look at the three most basic forms of websites:

  • Web Design for Beginners: WordPress makes it simple for almost anybody to create a website from the ground up, though if you’re planning to do everything yourself, you’ll definitely want to brush up on your HTML abilities a little bit beforehand. In spite of this, with the abundance of plugins and page builders available, building a website from the ground up is significantly simpler when using WordPress’ core software as a strong foundation. The Template Website:Don’t want to go the whole hog and do everything yourself? A template website is a fantastic option to consider. If you choose this path, you will have the option of purchasing a predesigned canned template from which to construct your website. A template like this may be obtained from websites such as Template Monster, ThemeForest, Array Themes, and CSS Igniter. When it is purchased, you may either set it up yourself or have someone else do it for you once you have completed the purchase. Despite the fact that templates feature editable regions, the templates themselves preserve their structural integrity. You’ll be able to customize a few items, such as the color and content, but the overall look and feel of the site will stay mostly unchanged. However, because it was built using WordPress, the site is scalable and can expand in tandem with your company’s growth. As opposed to SaaS website builders such as Wix or Squarespace, which are restrictive in their technological capabilities and difficult to scale up as your business grows, this is a significant advantage. The Custom Website:Does your company require a highly customized website to fulfill the unique requirements of its customers? Making something to order is the best option. With a bespoke website, you’ll collaborate with your in-house developer or partner with an outside designer, web development firm, or digital agency to design and create your site from the ground up. If you hire a WordPress developer, he or she will construct a bespoke site that meets your exact requirements
  • Nevertheless, as with any custom task, you will be charged for originality and the fulfillment of your requests.

The fact that your website is always expandable and exportable, regardless of which option you take, distinguishes WordPress from other software service providers.

8. It’s supported by a massive community and industry

It follows from the fact that WordPress is an open-source program that anybody may learn from, develop with, and innovate using the source code of the WordPress core software. This independence has facilitated the formation of a large community. Despite the fact that there are several things to learn about WordPress, money, skill level, or even premium customer support are not a deterrent to getting started. There are no barriers to obtaining access to the program, and its users have created blogs, forums, online lectures, webinars, and even books that describe exactly how to get the most out of the platform.

Anyone may learn how to use the dashboard by spending a little time experimenting with it and watching some of the innumerable tutorials that are accessible on the internet.

And they all continue to evolve with the same goal in mind: to make WordPress easier to use for everyone.

9. Managing content in WordPress is simple

A content management system (CMS) such as WordPress eliminates the need to be concerned about a lack of coding skills or technical web-building knowledge. This platform is especially developed to allow non-developers the ability to handle the day-to-day operations of a website, rather than requiring them to be developers. That is one of the reasons why WordPress is so popular among everyone from professional bloggers to marketing teams in corporations. When they need to add a new feature or update anything on the website, they may do it themselves and not rely on a developer for assistance.

10. Everything is in your control

The vast majority of WordPress rivals are not free and open-source software. And, while they will perform a passable job of hosting your site, they are limited in terms of their ability to adapt to your needs. The following are examples of limitations that you can expect:

  • As a result, it is difficult to make changes because the code is not completely accessible. What’s worse is that the coding language is typically exclusive to a certain platform, which means that even if it is accessible, it is doubtful that you will be familiar with how it operates. You’ll end up needing to pay a professional developer to do the changes for you
  • Else, nothing will get done. The e-commerce capability is built-in and cannot be enhanced through the use of plugins. Your material does not belong to you. Certainly, it may have been produced by you
  • Yet, once it has been published, it becomes a part of the site on which it is housed. The result is that, if you decide to cancel your membership, all of your data and pages will be deleted or stored by the platform until you decide to reactivate your subscription.

The good news is that WordPress gives you complete control over your website’s appearance, functionality, and security. WordPress allows you to move site files with ease, construct and extend your online business, and do just about anything else you might possibly need.

11. WordPress supports many media formats

A fast Google search will produce a comprehensive list of all of the media formats that WordPress is compatible with. However, for the time being, you can be certain that the following key media categories and their numerous formats are included:

  • Jpeg images
  • Docs (.pdf,.docx)
  • Mp3 and mp4 audio
  • Mov, wmv, and avi video
  • And pptx (powerpoint presentation).

Do you need to submit a file in a format that isn’t widely used?

WordPress supports a wide range of file types, including unusual ones such as.odt,.key,.ogg, and.3pg.

A few things to watch for

WordPress is the greatest content management system available, however there are certain limitations to be aware of.

1. WordPress updates

Many website owners find it difficult to keep up with the constant stream of WordPress changes. First and foremost, the number of software update alerts that appear on a WordPress dashboard is limitless (and frequent, if you have a lot of different plugins installed). To add insult to injury, wrongly rolling out upgrades can cause sections of websites to cease functioning as intended or even knock the entire website down for the count. The upshot is that some WordPress site owners choose to delay or roll back upgrades rather than dealing with the problem head-on.

So, what is a website owner to do in this situation?

2. Site speedperformance

Slow-loading, poorly functioning websites are a certain way to drive visitors away from your site before they can access to the content they were looking for. What is the most typical reason for a website to load slowly? Although there are several causes for this, plugins and extensions such as page builders are the most frequently cited. A lot of unneeded code is added to your site by these third parties, which causes your site to load more slowly. It may be difficult for the typical individual with little to no code expertise or understanding to vet the design of a theme, plugin, or page-building software, and as a result, badly designed themes, plugins, and page-building software can quickly infiltrate the system.

3. Security vulnerabilities

WordPress is already quite safe, thanks to the fact that its core software is well-maintained by the business itself. Despite this, due to the platform’s vast popularity and open-source nature, plugins, themes, and scripts are a favorite target for hackers who exploit its vulnerabilities. When it comes to hacking WordPress websites, there is an extensive list of reasons that can be identified, and getting aware with these may assist you to strengthen the security of your site. Just remember that as long as your WordPress maintenance company is diligent in its efforts to keep the installed software up to date through frequent updates, there should be no issues.

Never stress about your WordPress site again

We understand that our “things to look out for” list may appear scary at first, but when you work with a reliable WordPress maintenance specialist like SiteCare, there’s no need to be concerned. The benefits of working with a WordPress maintenance business are that you will never have to worry about your website again. Our staff will manage all software upgrades, collaborate directly with your host, assist you in making iterative development enhancements, and put in place appropriate backup and security measures to protect your information.

Contact SiteCare right now if you want to improve your WordPress experience. Request a Price Estimate

11 Reasons to Use WordPress For Your Website

WordPress is almost certainly a name that you’ve heard before if you’re planning to develop your first website. Nearly everybody who runs any form of website would benefit from using it, in my opinion. But, before I go into the reasons why WordPress is such a fantastic platform, I’d like to dispel any myths that people may have about the site. What exactly is WordPress, and how does it work? WordPress does not serve as a host for your website. You’ll still need to select a web hosting service provider to supply that functionality.

Website creation and management are made simple with this powerful tool.

This platform is entirely web-based, which means you will not be required to download any desktop software in order to use it.

I’ve come up with 11 reasons why you should be utilizing this platform for your website, which you can read more about below.

1. Reliability

In terms of website management, you don’t want to take any chances with your business. When determining the credibility of a platform, it is sometimes beneficial to look at the number of individuals who utilize the platform. WordPress, according to a new analysis by Kinsta, has a commanding lead in the CMS market share. WordPress is the most popular content management system, accounting for 60% of the market. Joomla comes in second place on the list, with a share of the market that is 12 times less than that of WordPress.

The sheer magnitude of these figures is mind-boggling, to put it mildly.

WordPress is used by well-known websites such as TED, TechCrunch, UPS, and CNN.

Over the course of the same length of time, those posts create over 77 million fresh comments.

2. Great support

As a result of the large number of individuals that use WordPress all over the world, there are a plethora of instructions, tutorials, and resources available on the internet. You may take use ofWordPress forums, where you can contact with other people who utilize the most popular content management system on the globe. Aside from those methods, you may also contact the WordPress support staff directly for assistance and support. A premium WordPress subscription will provide you with access to live chat assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Monday through Friday.

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However, it is important to note that this resource will not be able to assist you with any third-party programs that you may be running on your WordPress site.

You may, however, obtain assistance with this on a community forum or in a tutorial on another website, as I already indicated. There is certainly no shortage of “how-to” resources for WordPress on the Internet.

3. SEO-friendly

The success or failure of your website can be determined by its search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, it is something that you should begin focusing on as soon as your website is up. Because WordPress has certain built-in tools that inform you how SEO-friendly your material is, this task becomes much easier. Although the vast majority of you will want to upgrade from the basic SEO tools and install a WordPress SEO plugin, this is not always necessary. If this is something you’re interested in, Yoast SEO will be a great alternative for you to examine.

However, I strongly advise you to get Yoast SEO Premium.

As an added feature, it will automatically monitor your most critical pages and notify you if an excessive amount of time has elapsed since they were last updated.

4. Flexibility

WordPress may be as in-depth and intricate as you want it to be, or it can be as simple as you want it to be. You have the option of only using the basic edition of the platform to publish blog entries if that is what you choose. On the other hand, you may use it for your company’s website and supplement it with widgets and plugins to enhance its usefulness and appearance. WordPress is a powerful content management system that allows you to do nearly anything with your website. If you want to do this, you may need to install a plugin or third-party program first.

Additionally, the versatility of WordPress extends to the kind of individuals that choose to utilize it.

I’m referring to your degree of technical knowledge and expertise.

Your decisions on how you will use it and which features you will take advantage of will be entirely up to you.

5. Security

WordPress is, in general, a safe and secure platform to use. However, this does not rule out the possibility of hostile assaults, hackers, and viruses on your website in the future. WordPress, on the other hand, makes it simple for you to improve the security of your site by providing tools such as password protection for folder contents. Maintaining the most recent version of WordPress will also help you to avoid bugs and other security issues. In addition, enabling an SSL certificate for your WordPress site is a simple process.

This is a straightforward and efficient method of increasing the security of your WordPress website.

Installing a WordPress security plugin is something I’d suggest.

Considerably if your doors may be secured, the additional layer will make it even more difficult for burglars to infiltrate your walls.

Additionally, by using a WordPress backup plugin, you may take preventative measures. If your website is compromised in any way, you don’t want to lose all of your content and data as a result. If something goes wrong with your website, a plugin will make it much easier for you to recover it.

6. Simplified content creation

Anyone can set up a new WordPress site since it is so simple to accomplish. Everything can be set up in a matter of seconds with a few clicks. You will just need to browse to the “posts” part of your dashboard menu once your site is online and you will be done. You’ll be able to find everything you need to compose and publish a new blog post right here on this page. Text editors, formatting tools, and the ability to add media assets are all available. According to what you’ll shortly discover, the entire process of creating material on WordPress is really simple.

After your work has been published, you will not be required to go through any further hoops in order to change it in the future.

Once those modifications have been completed, simply click on the “save” button, and the updated version of the material will be made available to the public immediately.


The majority of what we discussed today was intended for people who are just getting started with WordPress. However, the platform also has a plethora of complex capabilities. As a developer, you’ll be pleased to hear that WordPress provides a REST API, which enables you to create applications that run on the platform. You may, for example, develop a custom plugin to provide a new administrative dashboard experience to your users. Alternatively, you may choose to make adjustments to the front-end.

You may use any programming language that has the ability to send HTTP requests to accomplish your goal.

Alternatively, you may decide to collaborate with a developer to design an application.

8. Optimized for speed

Websites that load slowly are worthless. WordPress understands this, and as a result, it offers built-in tools and aspects that you may use to accelerate your website. For example, you may choose a lightweight theme to ensure that your code does not become sluggish. Adding a plugin to your website to minimize the size of your picture files is a possibility. Take use of Gzip compression, sophisticated caching, and minifying CSS and JS files, among other features. If you make use of tools like the ones I just mentioned, you may significantly minimize the time it takes for your website to load.

9. Affordable pricing

WordPress is an open-source platform that is completely free to use. As a result, if you don’t want to pay anything, you may simply walk away. However, if you want to do more than simply create a simple personal website, you will almost certainly want to switch to a premium subscription. The following are the plan categories and associated pricing: As you can see, you have a plethora of possibilities from which to pick and select. There are a total of six subscription levels available, including the free version.

Even if you’re prepared to pay for WordPress, I wouldn’t recommend that you choose the blogger or personal plans because they are so limited.

The additional benefits you’ll receive for only a few dollars extra are definitely worth the small additional cost.

As we covered previously, this ties back to the topic of adaptability and adaptability.

All of these options are extremely reasonably priced. Even the most costly plan will only cost you $540 per year, according to our calculations. However, I am anticipating that the vast majority of you will be able to get away with paying substantially less than that amount.

10. Multilingual

WordPress is a platform with a global audience. It is available in more than 160 languages throughout the world. As a result, you’ll be able to create a website that will allow you to reach a global audience. With that said, it’s worth noting that English is the most popular language used on WordPress. The majority of blogs published on the platform are written in English, with 71% written in English. But it’s nice knowing that if you want to take advantage of other languages, WordPress makes that easy for you to do.

11. Simple integrations

As I’ve noted several times throughout this article, WordPress is compatible with a wide range of third-party tools. Plugins and widgets are only the beginning of what you can do with WordPress. You can also connect things like email marketing tools, payment gateways, Google Analytics, and numerous other components that you would require to operate a fully complete and running website. Third-party products are designed specifically for use with WordPress. Because the content management system (CMS) platform is so widely used, those other businesses are aware that their present and future consumers may be utilizing it to administer their websites.


WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. The fact that this happened was not by chance, as I’m sure you’ve learnt from this tutorial. WordPress should be used to construct your website, regardless of whether you’re developing your first website from scratch or if you’re a seasoned developer with years of expertise. In fact, there isn’t a content management system out there that I would suggest as highly as WordPress.

Why You Should Use WordPress – Here Are at Least 22 Good Reasons

The content on Themeisle is completely free. When you make a purchase after clicking on one of our referral links, we receive a commission. Read on to find out more Is it difficult for you to decide whether or not you should utilize WordPress to create your website? “Isn’t WordPress simply a blogging platform?” you might wonder. “Can I even create a website using WordPress on my own?” you might wonder. We’ve got the answers for you right here today. Here is a collection of 23 compelling arguments for why you should use WordPress.

Here’s why you should use WordPress:

WordPress is used by around 43.3 percent of all websites on the Internet. When you stop and think about it, that is an incredible amount. WordPress is used by more than one out of every four websites that you will come across. There’s a reason why all of those websites use WordPress as well! To some extent, that’s what this post is all about.

2. WordPress dominates the content management system market, with~65.3% market share

That implies that not only is WordPress popular for all websites, but it is particularly popular for websites that have a content management system that was pre-installed.

The next closest competition, Shopify, comes in at 6.7 percent of the market, which is nowhere near enough to compete with WordPress. (Visualizer Lite was used to create the charts.

3. WordPress is incredibly extensible with plugins

Because of this, you may incorporate cool features into your website without having any coding knowledge. WordPress’ extensive plugin ecosystem outperforms all of the other content management systems available on the market. These figures are just for the official extension directories, and do not include any further extensions provided by third-party organizations: The following are the official plugin listings:

  • WordPress costs $60,000
  • Joomla costs $6,000
  • Drupal costs $48,000.

4. WordPress lets you change how it looks using themes. No code required

WordPress not only provides plugins, but it also has an incredible choice of themes for your website. Themes allow you to have complete control over the appearance of your website, without having to know a single line of code. WordPress.org has dozens of free themes, with many more available on third-party marketplaces and from independent developers.

5. WordPress is multilingual

You’re not a natural English speaker, right? There’s nothing to worry about! WordPress has been translated into 169 different languages by the WordPress translation team so far. You may simply establish a multilingual website utilizing plugins like as Polylang or Weglot, as many plugins also provide translated versions of their content.

6. Beyoncé uses WordPress

While WordPress is used by a large number of small businesses, it is also used by a large number of large corporations. There are major corporations such as Sony Music and Mercedes Benz, as well as publications like as BBC America and Reuters, as well as colleges such as Harvard University and the University of Washington. Some of the well-known firms that are already utilizing WordPress include:

7. WordPress is affordable compared to other solutions

In addition to the fact that the WordPress software is free, you can discover several free themes and plugins to use in the construction of your website. As a result, the only inescapable fixed expenditures you will incur are for inexpensive WordPress hosting and a domain name. With all things considered, it is feasible to maintain a basic WordPress site for as low as $60 per year, however you will incur additional costs if you choose to use premium plugins and themes. When compared to Squarespace, which currently starts at $96 per year for the most basic subscription, this is a significant savings.

8. It’s easy tofind WordPress help

The fact that WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world means that there is a vast support ecosystem for anything and everything that has to do with WordPress. WordPress lessons may be found on a variety of blogs, and there are also WordPress support groups devoted to the platform, as well as helpfulbeginner-friendly video tutorials.

9. WordPress is flexible

Because of its extensive plugin ecosystem, WordPress can be used for a wide range of tasks, including everything from constructing an eCommerce site to starting a local directory such as Yelp to developing a social network and much more. That is, WordPress has evolved into much more than just a blogging platform in recent years.

10. WordPress isn’t just for websites anymore, either

WordPress has recently placed a strong emphasis on its REST API, which opens the door for developers to construct a wide range of fascinating applications based on the WordPress platform.

As time progresses, you’ll be able to utilize all of your WordPress material in innovative and intriguing ways.

11. WordPress connects with your favorite third-party tools

You may continue to utilize your favorite email marketing provider, payment gateways, and other tools while using WordPress. Because of the large number of plugins available, WordPress can be integrated with the majority of third-party website services available today.

12. But WordPress also lets you create a self-contained ecosystem

It is also possible to keep everything contained within your WordPress dashboard if you do not prefer using third-party services. For those who prefer not to use third-party programs, WordPress has a number of features that allow you to construct an email list, send newsletters, and do a variety of other things without ever leaving the WordPress dashboard.

13. WordPress follows accessibility standards

When it comes to accessibility, it is about making the web more usable for those who have physical or sensory disabilities. The WordPress core team places a strong focus on making WordPress software as accessible as possible to all users.

14. WordPress hosts fun offline and online events

WordCamps and meetings are held all around the world every year, thanks to the efforts of WordPress. Meeting up with other WordPress enthusiasts and learning new things about the platform are two of the benefits of attending these events. While you may not be able to take advantage of these events right away, they are a nice reward as you grow more comfortable with WordPress. However, while the majority of the gatherings would ordinarily take place in person, the present global scenario has gradually transferred the focus of the meetups to the online realm as well.

15. WordPress is committed to becoming even more user friendly

WordPress has stepped up its efforts to make itself even more user pleasant for newbies, in part as a response to website builders such as Squarespace and Wix. In other words, WordPress is determined to become as user-friendly as Squarespace.while yet retaining its tremendous flexibility advantage over the latter. Features such as the real-time WordPress Customizer make it simple to make changes to your site, even if you have no prior experience with coding.

16. WordPress can guide missiles

WordPress was once accused of directing missiles, which was shown to be untrue. Even if it was on television, it was still exciting!

17.36% of the top 10k sitesuse WordPress

Let’s go back to statistics for a while since this one is very intriguing. While WordPress has a large percentage of the total market, it is also employed by a significant number of high-profile websites. WordPress is used by 36 percent, or a plurality, of the top 10,000 most visited websites on the internet today. There is no other content management system that can compete.

18. WordPress makes search engine optimization easier

When it comes to driving traffic to your WordPress site, search engine optimization is critical. Thanks to plugins like as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, and others, it’s really simple to optimize your WordPress site for search engines without having to be a coding genius. Everything is taken care of by the plugins; all you have to do is configure a few simple parameters.

In addition to this, some plugins evaluate your content and make recommendations. In other words, even if you have no prior knowledge of SEO, you may still improve your content by following the advice of a plugin.

19. WordPress loads quickly…if you configure it right

The speed with which your website loads has an impact on everything from how much your visitors appreciate it to how likely they are to make a purchase from it.

20. WordPress is responsive

Internet browsing on mobile devices is quite popular nowadays, which is why it is critical that your website looks amazing on all platforms – not just laptops. Every current WordPress theme supports a concept known as responsive design, which means that your WordPress site will automatically scale to look fantastic on any device that is used to access it.

21. WordPress makes content creation as easy as typing in Word

In WordPress, if you know how to produce a text document in Microsoft Word, you know how to generate a formatted post in the platform. Forget about intricate coding; formatting your text with WordPress is as simple as clicking a few buttons, exactly like it is in your preferred text editing program. Even better, tools known as page builderscan assist you in creating even more complex designs without the need to know a single line of programming code.

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22. WordPress comes with a free page builder

WordPress has risen to new heights in the previous two years as a result of the integration of amazing functionality improvements. One of the most significant of these advancements has to be the introduction of the new block editor. Using this new interface, you can create your content pages and posts visually by dragging and dropping elements into the page or post editor. Aside from that, there are several add-on plugins for the block editor that you may use to extend its functionality even further.

23. WordPress gives you control over the security of your website

WordPress is particularly useful since it allows you to maintain complete control over the security of your website. The widespread use of this content management system (CMS) carries with it a slew of vulnerabilities and dangers. However, you can protect your material by taking use of the numerous choices and vast flexibility that WordPress provides. Additionally, in addition to utilizing powerful security plugins, you may manually implement a variety of tactics that will keep your site safe from external threats.

What’s next?

To get started with WordPress, we offer a variety of tips on how to install WordPress, what type of web hosting to use, and then how to develop particular sorts of websites using WordPress, such as the ones listed below:

  • How to set up a WordPress blog in 15 minutes (with step-by-step instructions)
  • How to use WordPress to create a website for a small business
  • Instructions on how to construct a WordPress service website (in six easy stages)
  • A step-by-step guide to building a WordPress wedding website Instructions on how to set up a WordPress portfolio site
  • Are you putting together a WordPress photography website? There are four elements that you will require
  • Instructions on how to build a WordPress restaurant website
  • Create a WordPress real estate website from scratch with this beginner’s guide. Using WordPress, you may construct a podcast website for your show.
Free guide

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a WordPress blog in 15 minutes (with pictures). How to use WordPress to create a small company website; In only six easy steps, you can build a WordPress service website. Create a WordPress wedding website using these instructions. Instructions on how to set up a WordPress portfolio website; What is the best way to create a photography website using WordPress. It is necessary to have four components. Create a WordPress restaurant website with these steps: WordPress real estate website creation tutorial for beginners; Using WordPress, you may establish a podcast website.

Why WordPress? What Makes This Platform Popular?

The fact that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System on the planet is not a secret. WordPress is used by around 42.3 percent of all websites on the internet. This means that for every four websites you come across, more than one is made using the WordPress content management system. Absolutely incredible, isn’t it?

Although the stats are impressive, is this enough of a cause to dive in headfirst? Perhaps this isn’t the case. As a result, in this essay, we’ll go through the top ten reasons why WordPress has risen to become the most popular content management system on the planet.


  • The popularity of WordPress in comparison to alternative content management systems
  • Why Use WordPress
  • And Conclusion

Popularity of WordPress vs other Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS, for short) is a software tool that allows you to develop, change, and administer a website without having to know any programming languages. If you want to develop a website without utilizing a content management system, you’ll need to know how to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire a developer to assist you. With a CMS, the rules of the game are different. This is due to the fact that no coding is necessary. Simply type in your text, photographs, videos, and any other suitable content into the editor’s text box.

  • CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Joomla, and Shopify are examples of common applications.
  • Take a look at the outcome: WordPress is used by 42.3 percent of all websites on the internet, Shopify is used by 5.8 percent, Joomla is used by 3.1 percent, Wix is used by 2.6 percent, and Squarespace is used by 2.6 percent.
  • The other 35.1 percent do not utilize any of the CMSs that are being tracked.
  • You might be asking, what’s all the fuss about?
  • Having worked with WordPress for quite some time, we are certain that no other content management system has as many advantages as WordPress.
  • Joomla, WordPress vs.
  • Weebly.

Why Use WordPress?

The features listed below are specific to wordpress.org, which is the self-hosted version of WordPress, rather than WordPress.com itself. For additional information, please see this article on the difference between wp.com and wp.org domains.

  1. WordPress is free
  2. WordPress is open-source
  3. WordPress allows you to develop any form of website
  4. WordPress is easy to use. It is simple to operate
  5. It is compatible with a variety of media types. Themes and plugins may be used to customize your website. WordPress is search engine optimization friendly. WordPress is a versatile platform
  6. It is also secure. It has a big number of residents

1. It is Free

Yes! The WordPress core software is available for free download. This is most likely the most important factor for WordPress’s widespread adoption. As a result, anyone may have a look at it without having to pay a fee. Every website, on the other hand, need a domain name as well as a host. A host is responsible for providing the technology necessary for your website to be accessible on the internet, whereas a domainname is the unique address for your website. A hosting plan can cost anything from $3 per month (for the cheapest shared servers) to several hundreds of dollars per month.

You may also be required to pay for the following items:

  • Although there are several free themes and plugins available, premium themes and plugins are recommended. SSL certificate
  • Technical help
  • Logo design
  • And other services.

To summarize, you can keep your prices down by only paying for what you actually need.

How to get started

To get started, go to the WordPress.org website and sign up for an account. Then click on the Get WordPress button. Using this method, you will be sent to the WordPress download page. To download the file, click on theDownloadbutton. You now get the most recent version of the WordPress software without having to spend a cent.

Install it as soon as possible. Another option is to use the one-click installation procedure to get WordPress up and running. This feature is available from the majority of WordPress hosting companies. For more information, please see our guide on WordPress one-click installs.

2. WordPress is open-source

A basic search for “website builders” on the internet will yield a broad number of relevant results. WordPress, as well as other website builders such as Weebly, Joomla, Squarespace, Shopify, Blogger, Magento, and others, will very certainly be included on the list. They are all excellent choices for website development. There are several limits to closed-source platforms such as those offered by Squarespace, Shopify, and Blogger, though. As an illustration:

  1. It is impossible to research hosting businesses since you are limited to the one that is offered. Plugins do not allow you to freely and simply enhance the functionality of your site. There are certain limitations on your ability to change the source code.

The bottom line is that if your website is not open-source, such as wordpress.org, you do not have complete control of your website and its content. This is analogous to renting (as opposed to purchasing) an online storage space. WordPress, on the other hand, allows you to:

  1. Your website is all yours
  2. You are the only owner of the material you create. When you feel the need to, you can switch your web hosting company. You have complete control over how you personalize the site and edit the code.

3. WordPress is Easy to Use

Coding might appear to be a complex subject at times. As a result, non-techies shy away from responsibilities such as website development. WordPress websites, on the other hand, are simple to create and do not require any coding knowledge. To get started, you don’t even need to have any prior understanding of HTML or CSS! All you need are a few of WordPress tutorials to get your website up and running quickly. Everyone (regardless of their technological background) was taken into consideration when developing the platform.

Take note of the following considerations.

  • The installation of WordPress is as simple as clicking a few buttons. The WordPress interface is straightforward to use
  • By simply installing a theme, you may completely transform the appearance and feel of your website. Don’t bother with coding if you want to add additional functionality. rather than this, install a plugin
  • It is extremely simple to create, update, and manage articles and pages with the WordPress editor.+

4. You Can Create Any Type of Website With WordPress

It takes merely a few clicks to get WordPress up and running; nevertheless, A user-friendly interface is provided by WordPress’ dashboard. By simply installing a theme, you may completely transform the appearance and feel of your website. Don’t bother coding if you want to add additional functionality. instead, install a plugin Using the WordPress editor, it is incredibly simple to create, amend, and manage articles and pages.+

  • Portfolios, corporate websites, online schools, forums, online marketplaces, membership websites, social media networks, job boards, directories, and non-profit websites are all examples of what is available.

The list goes on and on.

How to get started

You are undoubtedly wondering how you can create a range of websites using a single piece of software. With the aid of themes and plugins, you may customize your website. So, by simply adding the proper plugin and theme, you may create online classrooms, social media networks, forums, and online commerce, among other things. Themes are the building blocks of your website’s design. After installation, make any necessary changes to the design, logo, and content, and you’re ready to go. When you use plugins, you may add features to your site that allow it to perform certain duties.

The plugins may transform a basic WordPress site into a fully working store, complete with a shopping cart, product galleries, and payment gateways, among other features.

Aside from WooCommerce, there are numerous more useful eCommerce plugins, such as WP eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, that may be utilized to build an online store (used basically for selling digital products).

The same is true for creating an e-learning site like Coursera, which will require an LMS plugin to assist administer courses, process payments, handle subscriptions, and rate quizzes, among other things.

5. WordPress supports several media types

WordPress enables you to post photos, documents, music, and video assets to your website, allowing you to customize it. In addition, it supports a large number of file kinds, including the following: image files (jpg), bitmap images (png), GIF images (gif), PDF documents (docx), PowerPoint presentations (pptx), MP3 files (m4a), MP4 files (mov), WMV files (avi), and numerous more. Despite the fact that file types such as SVG are not supported, if you need to upload such files, you may do so by installing an SVG support plugin.

Videos and audio tracks are promoted on the website.

6. Lots of themes and plugins on the market

Here’s just more reason why WordPress is at the top of the rankings. We’ve already spoken about how WordPress themes and plugins may assist you in creating any sort of website. Another excellent feature is the large variety of themes and plugins available to you.


At the time of writing, there are approximately 7,400 free WordPress themes available in the WordPress repository. You’ll come to the realization that you need to switch up your theme every now and again. Perhaps you require a fresh design, a more powerful premium theme, improved functionality, and so on. Alternatively, it is possible that your current theme is not mobile-friendly. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s always a theme to meet your requirements. Finding a topic, on the other hand, is as simple as running a search on Google.

Even better, you may get a theme from a reputable theme developer.

Here’s a list of reputable websites where you may get premium themes:

  • StudioPress, ThemeIsle, Elegant Themes, Theme Fuse, Athemes, Meridianthemes, Templatic, and Themify are some of the theme providers.

There are other online marketplaces where you may purchase themes, such as ThemeForest, Mojo Marketplace, and Template Monster. Joomla, in contrast to WordPress, does not have an official theme repository.


Yes, themes alter the appearance and feel of your website, but plugins enhance the functioning of your website. As your site grows, you’ll need to add a handful more plugins to make it more functional. For example, surveys may be used to get feedback from your consumers. As a result, there are several survey plugins available to assist you in doing this task — both free and paid. If you additionally want a forum area to assist you in better communicating with your visitors, there are numerous plugins available that may be used for this purpose.

There are around 58,000 plugins in the collection, which include anything from caching and performance plugins to spam and security plugins.

Before choosing a plugin, it’s a good idea to read over its reviews, ratings, and feature lists.

There are also a number of premium options accessible on the internet. There is a significant difference between a free and a premium plugin in that a paid plugin offers additional functionality and specialized support. Here are a few websites where you may get paid plugins to use:

Other open-source content management systems (CMS) have fewer plugins. There are roughly 8,000 plugins for Joomla.

7. It is SEO-friendly

If you are concerned about your search engine rankings, then this platform might be of great assistance to you. WordPress is pre-installed with SEO functionality, which offers it a competitive advantage over its competitors. It creates title tags and meta descriptions for your blog articles and web pages, among other things. This will improve the site’s rating in search engines, but it is only the beginning of the process of improving the site. WordPress’s default SEO is insignificant when compared to the benefits of using an SEO plugin.

In order to accomplish this, the Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most effective.

For additional information, please see our guide on WordPress SEO.

8. WordPress is Flexible

The Appearance tab may be found on the left-hand side of your WordPress administration dashboard. This is where you may make changes to your theme, colors, fonts, code, menus, widgets, and other elements of your website. In other words, it serves as the command and control center for your website. If you need to make complex code adjustments, such as inserting code snippets for Google Analytics, you may access your site files using FTP, your hosting account, or even straight from your dashboard.

9. WordPress’ Security

Every day, around 30,000 websites are compromised throughout the world. Every day, thousands of pieces of malware are released, including viruses, trojans, adware, and other types of malware. This is a gloomy statistic that has emerged as a big concern for businesses. WordPress-powered websites are also popular targets for black hat cybercriminals. If, on the other hand, you follow the guidelines, you will be largely protected from security threats. As a result, some guidelines to follow in order to keep your website safe against assaults are as follows:

  • WordPresscore software, plugins, and themes should all be updated. Install a WordPress security plugin
  • Avoid the usage of null plugins and other similar practices.

Please read this in-depth tutorial on WordPress security if you want to learn more about how to be secure online.

10. It Has a Large Community

This is one of the most exciting reasons why people select WordPress as their content management system. The platform has a big community of users, which results in a positive user experience for everyone who uses it. First and foremost, you are likely to come across individuals with whom you may cooperate. As a result, you would have an easier time asking questions and receiving replies from other people. Second, because of the big community, you will nearly always be able to discover solutions to even the most complicated problems.

The reason for this is because someone else inside the community would have had a similar problem, solved it, and contributed a solution before you. In essence, even if you are a complete novice, you will receive all of the necessary community help to maintain your website.


After all is said and done, choosing a website builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your new web presence. The performance of your website, as well as the quantity of tools and options available to you, are all determined by your selection. Making a selection, on the other hand, may be time-consuming and tiresome, especially given the large number of platforms available on the market. The good news is that there’s one fantastic platform out there that is a sure bet in practically any case — WordPress.

Meanwhile, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best reasons to use WordPress.

It is possible to locate hundreds of WordPress subjects that will assist you in becoming an expert in a short period of time.

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