What Does WordPress Do? (Best solution)

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), a platform you can use to build and maintain a website without any knowledge of coding. This software enables you to customize just about every aspect of your site.


What is WordPress used for?

What Is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to host and build websites. WordPress contains plugin architecture and a template system, so you can customize any website to fit your business, blog, portfolio, or online store.

Is WordPress good for beginners?

WordPress Is Easy to Use Despite being the most flexible and powerful platform, WordPress is quite easy to use for beginners. It comes with a simple dashboard with different menu options listed in the sidebar. You can easily create posts and pages, customize your website design, add navigation menus, and more.

Why you should not use WordPress?

WordPress Restricts Web Designers and Developers. As developers, we have the capability to build anything the client would like bespoke, but sometimes WordPress doesn’t allow us to implement that. So Designers can get frustrated because their ideas are not possible within WordPress.

What is the difference between WordPress and Wix?

The main difference between Wix and WordPress is their technical approach: while all Wix packages include hosting and tech support, WordPress is an open-source platform and requires you to take care of this yourself. You need to find a web host (check out cheap web hosting options), and install it on your own webspace.

Is GoDaddy or WordPress better?

Both options are well-suited for beginners. However, GoDaddy is recommended for those who prefer simplicity and quick setup in their site management. WordPress is best suited for bloggers and other admins who want access to more customization to appearance and functions for a lower cost.

Which is better PHP or WordPress?

WordPress guarantees more productivity for users. PHP, on the other hand, offers less productivity though it ensures faster-processing speed. WordPress websites do not require HTML coding. This is why uploading blog posts, images, and other content becomes easier here along with the editing of uploaded content.

Are GoDaddy sites WordPress?

The easiest way to build a WordPress website GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting makes building your first WordPress website easier with a Quick Start Wizard, pre-built themes, core software updates, daily backups and 24/7 support.

Is WordPress easier than HTML?

Customizing a WordPress site is simple compared to HTML sites which typically require a developer to make even the smallest change. On the other hand, HTML sites are easier to maintain as they don’t have to be compatible with plugins that help a CMS like WordPress function properly.

Is WordPress good for freelancing?

WordPress is a huge market with plenty of opportunity for remote freelance web developers. There is good money to be made. I’ve had a lot of success freelancing in this space. Ultimately, it comes down to finding good clients.

Is WordPress good for websites?

Overall rating. WordPress is a popular website building tool that lets you create any kind of website you can think of. It’s extremely flexible, meaning you have complete control over the design and functionality of your website. You will need to be proficient at coding, however, to setup, use and manage WordPress.

Is there anything better than WordPress?

Five best WordPress alternatives

  1. Wix. Wix is an intuitive website builder that contains most elements required for website-building.
  2. Shopify. Shopify is one of the best WordPress alternatives if you specifically want to create an ecommerce store.
  3. Drupal.
  4. Squarespace.
  5. Ghost.

Do most Web designers use WordPress?

A significant number of professional web developers use WordPress for web development. As WordPress powers nearly 28.9% of web, the demand for developers with this skillset has remained consistent over the last 10 years.

Is WordPress good for social media?

WordPress is the most easy to use platform to build your own social network using the free BuddyPress plugin. It is super flexible and integrates beautifully with any kind of WordPress website. You’ll need a self-hosted WordPress.org website to start using BuddyPress.

What Is WordPress? Explained for Beginners

What exactly is WordPress? WordPress, at its core, is the most straightforward and widely used platform for creating your own website or blog. WordPress, in fact, is the platform that runs 43.0 percent of all websites on the Internet. Yes, WordPress is likely to power more than one-fourth of the websites you visit on a daily basis. WordPress, on a somewhat more technical level, is an open-source content management system licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2, which implies that anybody can use or change the WordPress software for no additional charge.

As a result, WordPress makes the process of creating a website accessible to everybody – even those who are not web engineers.

Simply said, it is the most effective method of developing a website.

What Kinds Of Websites Can WordPress Make?

Many years ago, WordPress was largely used to construct blogs, rather than more traditional websites, which was the primary purpose of the platform. For a long time, however, this has not been the case. You can construct any form of website with WordPress these days, due to updates made to the core code as well as the large ecosystem of plugins and themes that have developed around it. In the case of WordPress, not only does it power a large number of company websites and blogs, but it’s also the most popular platform for launching an eCommerce store.

  • Websites for businesses, eCommerce stores, blogs, portfolios, resumes, forums, social networks, and membership sites are all examples of what is available. virtually any other idea that comes to mind.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to install a WordPress theme.

What’s The Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

WordPress.org’s self-hosted homepage is shown below. We’ve gone through the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com in great length, but here’s the short version: WordPress.org is a free, open-source blogging platform.

  • Unlike WordPress.com, which is a for-profit, subscription-based service that is powered by the WordPress.org software, WordPress.org is completely free and open-source software that you can install on your own web host to create a website that is 100 percent yours
  • WordPress.com is a for-profit, subscription-based service that is powered by the WordPress.org software. It’s easy to use, but you lose a lot of the freedom that comes with using a self-hosted WordPress installation.

The majority of the time, when individuals refer to “WordPress,” they are referring to the self-hosted WordPress that can be found at WordPress.org. Almost often, self-hosted WordPress.org is the best option if you want to have complete control over your website. Self-hosted WordPress requires no more than the purchase of web hosting and the registration of a domain name to get up and running.

Who Made WordPress And How Long Has It Been Around?

WordPress was first developed as a stand-alone project in 2003, as an offspring of a prior project known as b2/cafelog. It has now grown into a popular blogging platform. WordPress is open-source software, which means that it is currently being developed by a large community of contributors. However, if we were to track WordPress’ origins all the way back to its inception, we would discover that it was the result of a partnership between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Since then, Matt Mullenweg has mainly taken on the role of the public face of the WordPress platform.

In addition, he is the creator of Automattic, which is the firm that operates the for-profit WordPress.com website hosting service. WordPress’s history, from its inception as a blogging platform in 2003 to the present day, is extensive.

Want to know how we increased our traffic over 1000%?

Join over 20,000 other people who receive our monthly email, which contains insider WordPress advice! Now is the time to subscribe. But, suffice it to say, WordPress has progressed and, owing to its contributors and large community, has grown to become the most popular choice for creating any form of website.

Who Uses WordPress?

WordPress is utilized by individuals, small enterprises, and organizations of all sizes and scopes. For the time being, we are utilizing WordPress. As a result, WordPress is used to power the same website that you are currently seeing. WordPress is also used by a slew of other well-known organizations. Here are a few of our favorite illustrations:


WordPress powers the official Whitehouse.gov website, which can be found here:


Microsoft’s official blog is powered by the WordPress platform. Also using WordPress is the creation of product-specific blogs for products such as Windows and Skype: Microsoft’s blogs are hosted on the WordPress platform.

The Rolling Stones

WordPress is popular with even well-known bands! The Rolling Stones’ official website is totally powered by WordPress: WordPress is used to power the Rolling Stones’ official band website.

Why Should You Use WordPress?

Okay, so WordPress is used by more than 43.0 percent of all websites on the Internet, including well-known businesses like as the White House and Microsoft, to create content. What about you, though? What are the benefits of using WordPress? Whatever sort of website you want to build, there are a plethora of reasons to utilize WordPress to accomplish your goal. Here are a few of the most significant:

WordPress Is Free And Open Source

One of the most significant advantages of WordPress is that it is a free and open-source piece of software. However, while you will have to pay a little amount for hosting, you will never be required to pay for the WordPress software itself, which is not the case with competing platforms like Squarespace. Beyond that, you can discover a plethora of free and open-source plugins and themes that allow you to customize the appearance and functionality of your website. In the same vein.

WordPress Is Extensible

If you are not a developer, you may simply customize your website owing to the vast ecosystem of themes and plugins available on the WordPress platform:

  • Themes are generally responsible for changing the appearance of your website. Plugins– these are programs that alter the way your website operates. Plug-ins can range in size from something as simple as a contact form to something as complex as the creation of an eCommerce site.

Currently, there are more than 50,000 free WordPress plugins and 5,000 free WordPress themes available, as well as a plethora of paid alternatives. To put it another way, you have a lot of options! Here is a list of the finest WordPress plugins that have been hand-picked by the author.

WordPress Is Easy To Install

Do you believe that you must be a technological genius in order to develop your own website? Reconsider your position! WordPress can be installed on your website if you are capable of clicking a few buttons. Nowadays, the vast majority of web hosts either:

  • Offer to pre-install WordPress on your behalf, ensuring that your site is ready to go as soon as possible
  • Provide you with specific tools that make the installation procedure highly user-friendly for beginners

Kinsta allows you to create a new WordPress website.

Can I Install WordPress On My Personal Computer?

Absolutely! There are a variety of compelling arguments for why you should consider installing WordPress on a local computer. When starting from scratch, installing a new theme or plugin, or simply wanting a safe environment to experiment with your existing website without the worry of destroying it, a staging area is a great place to start.

In this scenario, we propose using a free application calledDevKinsta, which allows you to install WordPress on your Mac or PC without the need for any other software.

WordPress Is Flexible

We’ve previously said this, but WordPress is fantastic since it allows you to construct virtually any form of website you can imagine. Even better, your website can grow and change alongside you. Do you want to include a forum into your existing WordPress website? No problem – simply download and install the bbPress plugin! Do you want to include a social networking site? There’s nothing to worry about! Simply install the BuddyPress plugin. You’re never tied to a certain set of functions; you have the ability to adapt and grow.

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Download The Guide to Managing 40+ WordPress Sites by clicking here!

It’s Easy To Find WordPress Help

Because WordPress is so widely used, it is simple to locate assistance if you encounter any difficulties. Lots of. are available. .to whom you can turn for free and paid assistance if you require it.

Need More Convincing?

Are you still not persuaded that WordPress is the greatest platform for creating websites? Read on for a more in-depth look at ten of the most compelling reasons to adopt WordPress.

So What Is WordPress? It’s The Best Way To Build A Website

The most common method of creating a website is WordPress, and there’s a good reason for it. WordPress is an excellent choice if you want to create any form of website, from a blog to an eCommerce business. Always remember that WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform, whereas WordPress.com is a hosted platform. And, in the majority of cases, self-hosted WordPress.org is the platform on which you wish to develop a website. Self-hostedWordPress.org allows you greater control over your website while also providing you with access to all of the advantages and benefits of the WordPress community.

We can’t wait to find out what happened!

  • Instant assistance from WordPress hosting professionals, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Integration of Cloudflare Enterprise Edition
  • With 29 data centers across the world, you can access a global audience. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is embedded into our platform, allowing for optimization.

That and much more is included in a single plan that includes no long-term obligations, aided migrations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, among other things. Check out our options or speak with a sales representative to select the plan that is suitable for you.

What is WordPress? What Can it do & Is it Right for You? A Beginner’s Guide

WordPress is a software tool that makes it simple to create websites and publish material on the internet. It was first made available to the public in 2003 and has since evolved to become the most widely used website-building platform on the planet. The program is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License, which means it is completely free to download and use. The adaptability of WordPress is one of the things that draws people to it. The software may be used to create blogs, directories, forums, galleries, company websites, and online stores, among other things.

Let’s take a deeper look at what WordPress is and what it is capable of accomplishing.

  • What exactly is WordPress? What WordPress Is Capable Of
  • Comparison of WordPress.org versus WordPress.com
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • What You’ll Need to Get Started with Your Own WordPress Website
  • Is WordPress the Right Platform for You? Finally, some last thoughts

What is WordPress?

Whilst WordPress was first intended to be a basic blog platform, it has now evolved into a more feature-rich Content Management System (CMS). php is a scripting language that was used to create the program. A database stores all of the information on a website, including the settings, blog entries, and web pages. MySQLis the most often used database, however some website owners choose to utilize an alternate option such asMariaDB orSQLite, which are both open source. Don’t be concerned if this all appears to be technical.

That is one of the most appealing aspects of WordPress. Anyone, regardless of technical ability, may quickly and easily develop professional-looking websites by utilizing a user-friendly administrative area provided by the software.

What Can WordPress Do?

“What Can WordPress Do?” was a question frequently asked in the early days of WordPress. After seeing how much the capability of WordPress has grown over the years, I feel a more appropriate question to ask today is “What Can’t WordPress Do?” because the program can be used to create almost any form of website. WordPress, of course, has always been and will continue to be renowned as a terrific blogging program, and this is true today. The WordPress editor is at the heart of the WordPress platform.

  1. Whether you are creating blog articles on a regular basis or using WordPress to create static sites, you will appreciate how simple the WordPress editor is to use.
  2. While it is possible to create a website using this by utilizing the basic WordPress theme Twenty Twenty, the great majority of website owners prefer to utilize a more complex WordPress design instead.
  3. With the help of themes and plugins, you may extend the functionality of your WordPress site.
  4. portfolios and galleries, blogs.
  5. eCommerce websites.
  6. online courses.
  7. dating websites.
  8. knowledge bases.
  9. In a nutshell, WordPress can be used to construct nearly any kind of website.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

The fact that there are two versions of WordPress, each hosted on a distinct domain name, may be confusing to those who are new to the blogging platform WordPress.

  • WordPress.org is the self-hosted version of WordPress
  • WordPress.com is the hosted version of WordPress
  • And WordPress.net is a combination of the two.

The self-hosted version of WordPress, which can be accessed at WordPress.org, is more popular than the hosted version since it is, in general, far more versatile. Due to the fact that there are no constraints on how you may use the self-hosted version of WordPress, you are free to personalize your website anyway you see fit while still maintaining complete control over your content. As the name implies, using the self-hosted version of WordPress, you will need to acquire a website hosting plan from a company such as WP Engine(our review+coupon) orKinsta(our review) in order for your website to be accessible at all times.

  1. In addition to installing WordPress, you were responsible for managing WordPress updates as well as updates for your installed WordPress themes and plugins.
  2. However, while weekly maintenance is still an important duty for most WordPress users, the introduction of managed WordPress hosting businesses has eliminated the need to do everything yourself because they perform the majority of administrative work for you.
  3. This frees up all of your time so that you can devote it entirely to upgrading and marketing your website.
  4. Upgrading to the $8 per month premium plan grants access to extra capabilities such as sophisticated design customization and Google Ads integration, among others.
  5. Keep in mind, however, that the hosted version of WordPress is less versatile and requires you to pay extra in order to access features that are available for free in the self-hosted version.

That is why, in the long run, the majority of WordPress.com users migrate to the self-hosted version of the platform. Although this is the case, I feel that WordPress.com is an excellent introduction to the world of WordPress for individuals who are new to the process of constructing websites.

WordPress ThemesPlugins

WordPress comes with a built-in templating engine that allows you to modify the appearance and feel of your website in a matter of seconds. These template designs, which are referred to as WordPress themes, have the ability to radically modify the look and functionality of your website. It is possible to find hundreds of free WordPress themes onWordPress.org andWordPress.com to assist you in creating the ideal website. A free WordPress theme will get you started, but if you are ready to invest between $30 and $70 on a premium WordPress theme, you may want to consider that option instead of the free theme.

  • It is possible to locate hundreds of premium WordPress themes in ThemeForest’s WordPress theme directory; however, it is also worthwhile to look into smaller WordPress theme stores like asMeridianThemestoo, as you may come across some hidden gems.
  • As a result, the options with WordPress are virtually endless.
  • Website owners may then customize the barebones version of WordPress by putting plugins on top of it to create the website they like.
  • Consider the email marketing WordPress plugin–Optin Forms–as an illustration.
  • Additionally, many users choose to utilize a more powerful drag and drop page builder like as Beaver Builder, Elementor, or Divi to create their website pages.
  • WordPress plugins may be used to boost SEO, combat spam, automate website backups, increase website security, integrate social media, add contact forms, insert price tables, and perform a variety of other tasks.
  • For example, you may use WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads to create an eCommerce website, while bbPress allows you to integrate a discussion forum into your WordPress website.
  • Updates may also be carried out at this location, which significantly lowers the amount of time required to keep your WordPress websites up to date.

I strongly advise you to investigate the WordPress themes and plugins that are currently available on the market, as this will provide you with a greater understanding of exactly how powerful WordPress is.

What You Need to Launch Your Own WordPress Website

Launching a WordPress website is possible for everyone, regardless of their previous expertise. If, on the other hand, you are a complete newbie when it comes to computers, you might want to try establishing your first WordPress website using WordPress.com. There are no complicated steps to this procedure, and you can always move your website to a self-hosted arrangement later on if you so choose. All you have to do is sign up for a WordPress.com account and then choose whether you want to establish a blog, a company website, a professional website, or an online shop.

Then it’s only a matter of activating a WordPress theme and getting started with content creation.

  • Purchase a domain name
  • Purchase a hosting package
  • Install WordPress
  • And complete the steps above.

Many hosting providers provide “Free” domain names to new clients; nevertheless, I strongly advise registering domain names yourself so that you have total control over your property and can protect your investment. When purchasing a domain, the price will be determined by the domain extension you require and the location where you purchase it. Google Domains, hover, and GoDaddy are among the domain registration providers that charge between $10 and $15 a year for a.COM – name. In order to purchase a domain name, the most difficult step is to choose a suitable name that is currently accessible.

  1. Having acquired a domain name, you can now proceed to choose an appropriate web hosting company to accommodate your WordPress website.
  2. My recommendation for most newcomers is to go with a managed WordPress hosting business, which will give them access to expert WordPress support, daily backups of their websites, website security, WordPress upgrades, and other benefits.
  3. WPEngineandKinsta’s entry-level plans are available for purchase for $24 and $30 per month, respectively, for around 25,000 monthly visitors.
  4. This is a reasonably priced plan for first-time WordPress users.
  5. While paying for hosting on an annual basis might save you money, I highly advise paying on a monthly basis at first until you have had a chance to evaluate the quality of service and support over a period of time.
  6. Finally, you must install WordPress on your computer or laptop.
  7. The WordPress installation process is basic; however, the great majority of website hosting companies will perform the installation for you on their servers.

I believe that all WordPress users should learn how to manually install WordPress at some point in their careers; however, I highly advise beginners to choose a website hosting provider that will install WordPress for them so that they can spend their time getting to know the platform instead.

Is WordPress Right For You?

wordpress.com WordPress is a flexible solution that has rightfully established itself as the most popular website platform available on the Internet. WordPress is the content management system I use for the majority of the websites I design, and it is the platform I suggest to my friends, but it is not without flaws. There is no solution. It is your responsibility to select which website platform is most appropriate for you and your project. Numerous things must be taken into consideration, including your personal experience, your budget, and the end result that you are seeking.

  1. I strongly advise you to look into these.
  2. Additionally, you should have a look at the cat-lovingTumblr and the versatileSquarespace, which are both free services.
  3. Ghost is a blog that I personally suggest to other bloggers.
  4. WooCommerce is not only the most popular eCommerce WordPress plugin, but it is also the most flexible.
  5. Please keep in mind, though, that WordPress should not be your first pick for a project simply because it includes such feature.
  6. Consider the use of discussion forums as an example.
  7. However, while these plugins are adequate for a small forum, there are superior forum solutions available on the market, like MyBB, phpBB, vBulletin, XenForo, Flarum, and Vanilla Forums, among others.
  8. Consider all of your options carefully to ensure that you select the most appropriate platform for your new website.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this introduction to the WordPress platform to be informative. We hope you now have a better understanding of what WordPress can do and the distinctions between the self-hosted WordPress located atWordPress.org and the hosted version of WordPress found atWordPress.com. Despite the fact that I have used a variety of different tools to develop websites, WordPress is the website publishing option I return to time and time again since establishing and maintaining a WordPress website is so uncomplicated.

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WordPress themes and plugins are being launched on a daily basis, and the platform is fully supported by every website hosting business in existence.

For more information about WordPress and to keep up to date with the newest WordPress news, please subscribe to the WPKube newsletter and follow us onTwitter and Facebook. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Kevin

6 Most Important Reasons to Use WordPress in 2022

One of the most often asked questions that we receive is: Why should I use WordPress? Isn’t my website up to scratch? What is the reason for making the transfer from another platform to WordPress? If you’re asking yourself these kinds of questions, you’ve come to the perfect spot. In this essay, we’ll go through the most compelling arguments for why you should consider using WordPress. Aside from that, we’ll go through all the different kinds of websites you can build with WordPress and show you some of the most popular ones that are built with the platform.

  • Please do not mistake this with WordPress.com, which is a web-based content management system.
  • Another prevalent misconception regarding WordPress is that it is only a blogging platform.
  • WordPress, on the other hand, is much more.
  • The most appealing feature of WordPress is that it is simple to use while yet being versatile enough to accommodate different sorts of websites.
  • It is estimated that WordPress powers 43 percent of all websites on the internet, according to a recent poll.
  • Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should utilize WordPress to build your site.

1. WordPress is Free as in Freedom

WordPress is a completely free piece of software. It implies that you are free to download, install, use, and change it in any way that best suits your requirements. You may use it to build whatever type of website you want. For additional information, please visit our article on why WordPress is free. Whilst you may download and use the WordPress software for free, you need need a domain name and web hosting in order to install it. It is the address of your website on the internet that is represented by a domain name.

  1. Web hosting is similar to having a physical home for your website, where all of your website files are stored.
  2. They are one of the largest hosting businesses in the world, and they are also an officially recommended WordPress hosting service on the WordPress.org website.
  3. In essence, you can get started for as little as $2.75 a month.
  4. Take a look at our selection of the finest WordPress hosting services.

Following our step-by-step instruction on how to install WordPress, you can also complete the task on your own without assistance.

2. WordPress Is Easy to Use

Despite the fact that it is the most versatile and powerful platform available, WordPress is relatively simple to use for novices. The interface is straightforward, with numerous menu options shown on the sidebar for ease of navigation. You can quickly publish articles and pages, adjust your website’s style, add navigation menus, and do a variety of other things using WordPress. WordPress makes it simple for complete beginners to create and maintain their own websites without encountering any technological difficulties.

  • WordPress publishes coreWordPress updates on a regular basis, which you may install with a single click of the button.
  • There are good WordPress backup plugins available for use in this regard (many of them are free).
  • Finally, there is the issue of security.
  • If you are a complete novice, you may find it a little intimidating at first.
  • Over the course of the previous ten years, we have witnessed thousands of beginners progress fast to intermediate and expert levels of proficiency.
  • Our WordPress lessons cover a wide range of topics, from beginner to intermediate, and are available at WPBeginner.
  • For assistance in getting started, simply put your query into Google and include the words ‘WPBeginner’ at the end of your question to receive assistance.

3. WordPress Is Completely Customizable

The vast majority of people who use WordPress are neither web designers nor programmers. In reality, the majority of people who use WordPress do so without having any prior experience with website creation. WordPress is the ideal alternative for those who are not technically smart since it offers thousands of free website layouts (themes) from which to pick. In fact, there is a great WordPress theme for almost any type of website (whether it’s for blogging, a small business website, or an online store).

  1. For example, the Astra theme is one that we frequently recommend since it makes it simple to construct a professional-looking website even for those who are just starting out.
  2. For more themes that we suggest, have a look at our expert-curated collection of the finest versatile WordPress themes.
  3. Plugins, on the other hand, allow you to customize the functionality of your WordPress site.
  4. There are hundreds of free and paid plugins available for you to choose from, just as there are thousands of themes.
  5. Some WordPress plugins, in addition to providing additional functionality, may be used to change your website into an entirely other platform.

Having to choose from thousands of plugins might be intimidating, but there are a few vital WordPress plugins that we suggest for every website. These are the plugins we recommend:

  • A contact form plugin, so that your visitors may contact you directly
  • Analytics plugins, so you can keep track of how many visits you’re receiving
  • The use of search engine optimization plugins to increase the amount of traffic received by Google

You’ll then need to select additional plugins, which may vary depending on the sort of website you’re putting up. You may always search Google for the best plugin for your needs and include the words ‘WPBeginner’ in your search to see our recommendations. Prior to recommending a plugin, our experienced staff extensively examines each and every one of them.

4. WordPress Is SEO Friendly

Even the most well-designed website in the world will fail if it does not receive any traffic or visitors. WordPress, on the other hand, was created with search engine traffic in mind. WordPress is developed in high-quality code that includes semantic markup to provide a rich user experience. In layman’s terms, this indicates that Google and other search engines are big fans of WordPress. This is why WordPress sites tend to rank higher in search engines than other types of websites. We propose that you use a WordPress SEO plugin to improve your site and drive even more traffic to it.

It is simple to use, yet it is also really powerful.

See our comprehensive WordPress SEO guide for detailed step-by-step instructions and professional recommendations on how to optimize your website for search engines.

5. WordPress Is Safe and Secure

WordPress was created with security in mind, and it is a very safe and secure platform on which to host a website of any kind. However, there is still more you can do to make your website even more safe from hackers, malware, and other potential threats. Please visit our step-by-step WordPress security tutorial for beginners for more information on this. Sucuri is the security software that we use to protect ourselves against common dangers such as brute force assaults and viruses. If you want to make sure your site is safe, you may use their free WordPress security plugin, Sucuri Scanner, to do so.

6. WordPress Is Here to Stay

Website builders come and go on a regular basis. Even the most well-known ones (remember GeoCities?) might go out of business. Open-source software, on the other hand, has a significantly higher chance of being in existence for an extremely long period of time. This is due to the fact that open-source software is not maintained by a single individual or organization. In the event that WordPress is no longer available, anyone may easily fork its code and relaunch it under a new name in a couple of minutes.

The WordPress foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that WordPress continues to flourish, has taken steps to preserve the term WordPress.

As a community, they all work together to guarantee that WordPress will be there for the long term.

Over 53 languages are supported, and thousands of multilingual websites are powered by it as well.

In addition to having over 80,000 members, our ownWPBeginner Engagegroup on Facebook is the largest WordPress community on the internet. If you’re looking for a quick solution to your WordPress query from our experienced staff or other website owners, here is the place to go.

What Kinds of Websites Can You Create With WordPress?

From basic websites to e-commerce marketplaces and everything in between, WordPress may be utilized in a variety of applications. Below are a few examples of the many various types of websites that can be created using WordPress as the platform.

  • Creating a blog, creating a company website, launching an online store, creating a membership website, and selling online courses are all possibilities.

See our complete list of the many sorts of websites that can be created with WordPress. We hope that this post has provided you with an answer to your inquiry concerning why you should utilize WordPress. The most effective approach to fully appreciate WordPress’s capabilities is to actually use it. Make sure to give it a go and let us know what you think! We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more WordPress video tutorials if you enjoyed this post. On top of that, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

WordPress Features

WordPress currently controls more than 43 percent of the web, a statistic that is increasing on a daily basis. WordPress is used to create everything from basic websites and blogs to sophisticated portals and business websites, as well as apps and other software. WordPress is a blogging platform that blends simplicity for users and publishers with complexity in the background for developers. This allows it to be adaptable while yet being simple to use. Some of the functions that come as standard with WordPress are listed below; however, there are literally thousands of plugins that extend what WordPress can do, making its true capabilities practically endless.

Without paying any license costs, you are also free to do whatever you want with the WordPress code, including expand it or change it in any manner, as well as use it for commercial purposes.

Some of the features that we believe you will appreciate are listed below.

  • Simplicity You can go online and start posting more quicker because of the simplicity of the process. Nothing should stand in the way of you having your website up and running, and your material out into the public domain. WordPress is designed to facilitate this process. Flexibility It’s possible to make almost anything with WordPress, including personal blogs or websites, photoblogs, business websites, professional portfolios, government websites, magazines or news websites, online communities, and even an entire network of websites. WordPress is free and open-source software that anyone can use to create a website. With themes, you may make your website more visually appealing, and you can extend its functionality with plugins. You may also create your own application from scratch. Publish with Convenience Anytime you’ve done any type of writing or editing before, you’re already a pro at developing content for WordPress websites. You can quickly make Posts and Pages, format them, and insert material, and with the press of a button, your content is live and available on the web
  • You can also build Pages and Posts. Tools for the Publishing Industry WordPress makes it simple for you to maintain control over your content. Create drafts, schedule publication, and go through your post-publication adjustments with a critical eye. Make your material public or private, and use a password to protect individual posts and pages. Administrating Users Everyone does not require the same level of access to your website. Administration of the site is carried out by administrators, editorial work is carried out by editors, writing work is carried out by authors and contributors, and subscribers have a profile that they may control. This allows you to have a diverse group of contributors to your website while also allowing people to just participate in your community
  • Management of the media It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why it’s critical for you to be able to swiftly and effortlessly add photos and media to your WordPress site. Uploading media to your website is as simple as dragging and dropping it into the uploader. Insert alt text and captions, as well as photos and galleries, into your material to make it more appealing. We’ve also thrown in a few of picture altering tools for you to experiment with
  • Detailed Requirements Compliance Every piece of WordPress-generated code complies with the standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Essentially, this implies that your website will function properly in today’s browser while still remaining forward compatible with the future generation of browser. Your website is a stunning piece of work, both now and in the future
  • Theme System That Is Simple WordPress comes pre-installed with three basic themes, but if they aren’t your style, there’s a theme directory with hundreds of options for you to choose from to build a stunning website. You don’t like any of those options? With the press of a button, you may upload your own theme. It simply takes a few seconds for you to completely transform the look and feel of your website. Plugins allow you to customize your experience. WordPress comes pre-installed with a slew of features that are suitable for every user. There is a plugin directory with hundreds of plugins for any function that is not included in the WordPress core. Incorporate complicated gallery layouts and social networking features like forums and social media widgets. Spam prevention, calendars, and search engine optimization controls may all be customized. Comments pre-installed Your blog is your home, and comments provide your friends and followers a place to interact with the information you’ve created for them. WordPress’s commenting capabilities provide all of the tools you need to host a discussion forum and to manage that debate. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search engine optimization is built into the WordPress software from the beginning. When it comes to fine-grained SEO management, there are a plethora of SEO plugins available to help you out
  • For example, Make WordPress available in your native language. WordPress may be found in more than 70 different languages. If you or the individual for whom you are creating the website would want to utilize WordPress in a language other than English, this is a simple process to do. Installation and upgrades are simple. WordPress has always been straightforward to set up and maintain. A large number of web hosting provide one-click installation. WordPress installers that allow you to install WordPress with an one click, as the name suggests! For those who prefer to use an FTP software, you can establish a database and then upload WordPress using an FTP tool before running the installation. Importers Are you using blog or website software with which you are dissatisfied? Do you have a blog that is hosted on a service that is going to be shut down? WordPress includes importers for the following platforms: Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, Tumblr, and WordPress. If you’re ready to make the leap, we’ve made it as simple as possible for you. Own Your DataHosted services come and go on a regular basis. If you’ve ever relied on a service that has vanished without a trace, you understand how upsetting it can be. If you’ve ever had advertisements appear on your website, you’ve undoubtedly been a little irritated about it. When you use WordPress, no one will be able to view your material. Take control of your data, all of it – your website, your content, and your information
  • Freedom WordPress is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which was established to preserve your liberties. WordPress is completely up to you in terms of how you use it: you may install it, use it, alter it, and even share it. WordPress is founded on the principles of software freedom and community participation. WordPress is the most popular open source content management system (CMS) on the web, and it has a thriving and supportive community. A query on thesupport forums can be answered by a volunteer, attending a WordCamp or Meetup to learn more about WordPress, reading weblog posts and lessons about WordPress are all options. WordPress’s community is at its core, and it is this community that has made it what it is today. Contribute You, too, can be a WordPress user! Contribute to the development of WordPress by answering questions in the help forums, writing documentation, translating WordPress into your native language, speaking at a WordCamp, and writing about WordPress on your site. We’d love to have you, no matter what your skill set is.
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Developer Features

There are a ton of features hidden away in the backend for developers that they may utilize to enhance WordPress in whichever direction they want.

  • System of Plugins WordPress APIs make it possible for you to develop plugins that enhance the functionality of WordPress. WordPress’s extensibility is based on the thousands of hooks that are available to you. Once you’ve finished developing your plugin, we’ll even provide you with a plugin repository where you may save it. System of Themes Using WordPress, you may create themes for your customers, other WordPress users, or yourself. Because WordPress is extensible, you may design themes that are either basic or complicated depending on your needs. If you wish to provide your theme for free, you may do so by distributing it to users through thetheme repository. Framework for developing applications WordPress can also assist you if you wish to create an application of your own using it. WordPress has many of the functionality that your app would require beneath the hood, like translations, user management, HTTP requests, databases, URL routing, and a plethora of other functions. You may also interact with it by utilizing our REST API. Custom Content Types are a type of content that is created specifically for a website. Whilst WordPress comes with a number of preset content kinds, you may extend its functionality by adding a few lines of code to create your own custom post types, taxonomies, and meta information. Whatever you want to do with WordPress, you can do it.

About Us — WordPress.com

We’re working hard to make the web a better place. Use of the internet that you can feel good about. A meeting place where individuals and ideas may freely and openly exchange information and ideas.

Everyone has a voice.

Ideas don’t belong on the other side of a towering wall. Software, as well as your posts, should not be considered confidential. We’re here to assist you in finding your voice.

Real support from real people.

We don’t provide any kind of customer service at all. It’s a part of who we are. We call it Happiness because it is genuine assistance provided by genuine human beings.

Freedom and ownership.

Whether you want to build a blog, a store, a portfolio, or something completely different, you have the freedom to design a site that suits your needs and retain ownership of all of your content and data.

You can make something that matters.

Your website may expand with you by using easy tools for designing and constructing your site, securely hosting it on a secure server, and reaching out to your target audience.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress is a publishing platform that makes it simple for anybody to publish anything online.

It is proud to power millions of websites and is used by millions of people. This tutorial covers the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org in order to assist you in determining which is the best option for you and your business. The following is a table of contents:

Overview of Options

WordPress may be used in three different ways:

  • Fully hosted with WordPress.com
  • WordPress.com with an upgraded plan, such as our Business Plan, that allows most of the functionality found on self-hosted sites
  • WordPress.com with a free plan that allows most of the functionality found on self-hosted sites
  • WordPress.com with a free plan that allows most of the functionality found on self-hosted sites The self-hosted version, whose software can be downloaded for free from WordPress.org, is the most popular. Self-hosted WordPress necessitates the purchase of hosting from a third-party provider, such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, or another similar service, and the installation of the WordPress software on that hosting.
WordPress.comFocus on your beautiful content, and let us handle the rest. WordPress.com Business PlanGet the best of both worlds: the carefree ease of a managed platform while you focus on your content. WordPress.orgGet your hands dirty, and host your website yourself.
Get Started Start with Business Visit WordPress.org
Premium hosting, security, and backups are included. You can even upgrade to acustom domain, like YourGroovyDomain.com. Your custom domain, premium hosting, security, and backups are included. As secure as WordPress.com, as versatile as self-hosted. You’ll need tofind a hostand perform backups and maintenance yourself. We offerVaultPressfor security and backups.
Choose froma large collection of beautiful themes. Then, make it your own withCustom Design. Choose and customize any of ourbeautiful themesor install your own custom theme. Install custom themes. Build your own with PHP and CSS.
Integrate your sitewith Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks. Sharing functionality is included, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. Install a plugin likeJetpack, to enable sharing functionality on your site.
Popular featureslike sharing, stats, comments, and polls are included.There’s no need to install plugins. Popular featureslike sharing, stats, comments, and polls are included. You can install plugins to extend your site’s capabilities (e.g. to create your own WooCommerce store). Install plugins to extend your site’s functionality.
Personalsupportand the WordPress.comforumsare always available. Live chat and email support 24/7/360. Visit theWordPress.org support forumsfor assistance.
You must register for an account on WordPress.com and abide by ourTerms of Service. You must register for an account on WordPress.com and abide by ourTerms of Service. No registration with WordPress.org is required.
Get Started Start with Business Visit WordPress.org

Which Version is Right For You?

It is important to note that the decision between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is mostly based on the functionality you want for your website!

Self-Hosted / WordPress.org

Hosting your own WordPress website may be a lucrative and enjoyable experience. It does, however, need some technical expertise and increases the level of responsibility placed on you, the publisher. WordPress is a free piece of software that may be downloaded and installed on a web server, but it will not function until it is done so. You will have to do your own research and installation of the themes and plugins. Many web hosting companies now provide one-click WordPress installation – here are a few examples of such services.

Managed Hosting / WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a unique platform. You don’t have to download software, pay for hosting, or operate a web server when you use WordPress.com to create a website. Instead, you can concentrate on developing original content while we take care of the rest. At WordPress.com, you may always publish your website for free, and you can also purchase premium upgrades to help you supercharge your site. These upgrades let you to utilize a custom domain (such as my.blog), completely modify the design of your site, upload high-definition video, and a variety of other features.

Besides that, Automatticians (automattic workers) make frequent contributions to the WordPress platform, which is beneficial to the entire WordPress community.

Techies, on the other hand, who like to preserve total control over their code might consider hosting their WordPress installation on their own server.

↑ Section I: Table of Contents

Do I Need to Self-Host?

It’s possible that you’ve heard that you need to self-host since what you desire isn’t accessible while using WordPress.com’s hosting service. While this may be true in certain instances, you can fulfill the most of these goals with your WordPress.com website. An overview of several of the choices available with sites hosted by WordPress.com is provided below!

I need a Website, not a Blog.

On WordPress.com, the phrases “website” and “blog” are used to refer to the same thing.

You may also use any of our themes for either a website or a blog, depending on your preference. This comprehensive tutorial will teach you all you need to know about testing out different themes. Alternatively, you may learn how to change your homepage to a static page rather than a blog here.

I need specific features like SEO and Social Sharing options.

The following functionalities are already included in WordPress.com, so you won’t need to install any third-party plugins: A vast range of fully configurable themes is available in our theme showcase, which you may browse through at your leisure.

I need to install a Plugin or Custom Theme.

Do you think your website might benefit from greater functionality? Do you want to use a theme that you’ve purchased somewhere else or that you’ve had customized for you? Assume that the qualities listed above do not match your requirements. If that’s the case, you may use our Business Plan upgrade to install bespoke third-party plugins and themes that you’ve purchased elsewhere. More information on the features included in the plan may be found here.

I need Stats and Google Analytics.

Website statistics are integrated into every WordPress.com site, from our free plan to our Business Plan. Google Analytics can be integrated with a site that is on a WordPress.com Premium or above plan if you want more in-depth statistics from it.

I want to earn money from my site.

If you’re interested in earning advertising cash, we do have an advertising program called WordAds that you may participate in. In order to be eligible to apply for WordAds, you will need a custom domain name, and your website must fulfill a certain traffic threshold. Our Premium Plan also includes automatic enrollment in WordAds, which is an additional benefit. Our WordPress.com Business Plan allows for the use of Google AdSense and other third-party advertising on our sites. Use PayPal buttons on any WordPress.com site if you want to.

The use of affiliate links is permitted on WordPress.com sites, provided that they are not the major focus of your site.

I need support for my site.

WordAds is a marketing program that you may participate in if you want to make money from your website. To apply for WordAds, you will need a custom domain name, and your website must fulfill a minimum traffic threshold, which may be found here. Additionally, our Premium Plan includes automatic membership in WordAds. Sites on ourWordPress.com Business Plan are able to run Google AdSense and other third-party ads. On every WordPress.com site, you may embed PayPal buttons. OnWordPress.com Premium, Business, and eCommerce plan sites, the simple to usePay with PayPal buttons are provided.

I need FTP or Server Access.

SFTP access is currently only accessible for sites on our Business or eCommerce accounts, but it will be available soon. More information about FTP access may be found at this link. We are unable to increase PHP limits or make modifications to the core WordPress files due to technical limitations. We also offer other options for FTP access on WordPress.com, which you can see listed here. ↑ Section I: Table of Contents

So,WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org? Still not sure?

Still unsure on which path to take?

Learn more about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org to choose which is the best fit for you.

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