How To Create A Coming Soon Page On WordPress? (Perfect answer)

Let’s start by installing the plugin.

  1. Step 1: Install the SeedProd Plugin.
  2. Step 2: Create Your WordPress Coming Soon Page.
  3. Step 3: Customize Your Coming Soon Page Template.
  4. Step 4: Customize Coming Soon Page Settings.
  5. Step 5: Publish Your WordPress Coming Soon Page.


How do I make a coming soon page on WordPress for free?

Start out in your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins > Add New and install the Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode plugin by SeedProd. If you’re not brought directly to the plugin’s page, go to Settings > Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode and make sure you’re on the Content tab. Enter your Headline.

How do I put a coming soon page on my website?

How To Build A “Coming Soon” Page For Your Website

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select “Content” from the top menu.
  3. Click “Add Page”
  4. Click “Content Page”
  5. Add your “Page Title” as something like “Holding Page”
  6. Click the “Display” tab running along the top of the window.
  7. Set the “Hide Template” option to “YES”

How do I use Coming Soon plugin in WordPress?

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area.
  3. Select from your computer.
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard.

What should be on a holding page for a website?

Here are a few things that a website coming soon page should have:

  1. Clear value proposition.
  2. Summary of the project to define its benefits for customers.
  3. Engaging graphics.
  4. A call to action (CTA) that converts.
  5. Social links to encourage sharing.
  6. Countdown clocks to create a sense of urgency.

How do I make a divi coming soon?

Divi Coming Soon could not be easier to use. Just activate the plugin, go to the menu, and select the page you want to display. Visitors are automatically redirected to the Coming Soon page, while admin’s and editors see the site as normal so they can continue working on it.

How do I put WordPress in Divi maintenance mode?

Step 2: Enable the maintenance mode switch in Divi Switch Once you are in the Divi Switch plugin menu, click on the Main Content tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click save changes and return to the front-end of your site.

How do I get rid of WordPress coming soon?

How to remove the ‘Coming Soon’ page from your website

  1. Step 1: Login to your website. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Step 2: View the Installed Plugins. In the sidebar menu click on/hover over ‘Plugins’ and then click on ‘Installed Plugins’.
  3. Step 3: Locate & deactivate the plugin.

How to Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress with SeedProd

Creating a nice coming soon page for your WordPress website is something you should consider. A pre-launch coming soon page is required for all websites. The ability to generate anticipation, create enthusiasm, and spread the word even before the launch of your main website is a powerful tool for any business. The following tutorial will teach you how to make gorgeous coming soon pages in WordPress in a short amount of time and with minimal effort.

Why Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress?

Coming soon pages are more than simply a placeholder for the rest of your website’s content. Even prior to the launch of your website, they may be an efficient lead generating strategy for your company. Here are a few examples of how we have utilized coming soon pages in the past:

  1. Gauge User Interest– If you are unclear about a particular concept, coming soon pages might assist you in determining whether or not users are interested in the project. Develop Expectation and Create Hype– Coming Soon pages may also be utilized to build anticipation and generate excitement. Provide product information while also offering users incentives for spreading the word
  2. Acquire Leads– Begin growing your email list and inviting consumers to follow you on social media platforms. Because of this, you might already have likes and followers as social evidence before you ever open the site.

In order to make a WordPress coming soon page, you would need to obtain the finest WordPress hosting and install WordPress. Additionally, you may refer to our step-by-step tutorial on how to create a website for additional in-depth information and directions.

Example of what we will Create

Here are a few examples of successful coming soon page designs to get you started.

How to Create a Beautiful Coming Soon Page

To begin, you must install and activate the SeedProdplugin on your computer. For further information, please refer to our step-by-step instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin (included). SeedProdis the most powerful WordPress page builder plugin available on the market today. It enables you to create any form of landing page, including a Coming Soon page to restrict access to your site and a pre-launch page that may be used as a lead generation tool. Note: There is a free version of SeedProd available that you may use as well, but for the sake of this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate the Pro version because it contains more functionality.

  1. This information may be found on the SeedProd website under your account details.
  2. On the following screen, you will be asked to select a template from a list.
  3. Selecting a template is as simple as clicking on it.
  4. You’ll get a live preview of your selected template, and you’ll be able to choose and alter any item by just pointing and clicking on it.
  5. Let’s include a countdown timer that informs users of when your website will be released in the future.
  6. After that, choose the countdown block by pointing and clicking on it, and its attributes will appear in the left column.
  7. You may experiment by adding different blocks, altering text colors, adding your company logo, and more.

This is where you may establish a connection between your email signup form and your email marketing supplier.

To make things easier for you in this tutorial, we’ll integrate our coming soon website with Constant Contact.

Following that, you’ll be prompted to enter an API Key and a name for this connection.

This will open a popup window in which you will be required to connect into your Constant Contactaccount to continue.

Following that, it will display the API key, which you must copy and paste into SeedProd before clicking the ‘Connect’ button.

SeedProd will then get your email distribution lists. Select the email list you wish to utilize and then click on the ‘Save Integration Details’ button to complete the process.

Publishing Your Coming Soon Page

Once you are completed with the page design and integrations, you will be able to publish your coming soon page on your website. To save your coming soon page and make it publicly visible, first click on the Save button, then pick ‘Publish’ from the drop-down menu that appears. SeedProd will now publish your page, and you can quit the page builder by clicking on the close button at the bottom of the page. Following that, you must activate the ‘Coming Soon’ mode to ensure that visitors to your website only view the page announcing the upcoming launch.

With this, SeedProd will activate the coming soon mode for all of your websites.

Advanced Settings for Coming Soon Page

SeedProd gives you complete control over the appearance of your coming soon page. By visiting theSeedProd » Pagespage and selecting the ‘Edit Page’ option located under Coming Soon Mode, you will be able to access those advanced settings. This will activate the page builder interface, where you will need to navigate to the ‘Page Settings’ option to begin editing the page settings. A page title, isolation mode, and a new page template can all be specified in the General options section. By default, the plugin will begin displaying your coming soon page to all users who are not currently signed in.

This can come in helpful in a variety of circumstances.

  • Ideally, you only want a customer to be able to browse the site when signed in. You wish to make some URLs available to the whole public
  • Allowing users with specified IP addresses to access the website is a good idea.

The ‘Visit Control’ menu item may be used to specify who can access your website when it is in the ‘coming soon’ phase, which allows for more extensive access limits. You may also click on the SEO tab to enter an SEO title, description, and featured picture that will be used when your link is shared on social networking platforms, among other things, onto your website. Furthermore, you have the option of instructing search engines not to index that page. If you already have popular SEO plugins installed, such as All in One SEO, SeedProd will integrate effortlessly with them as well.

For example, you could wish to include the Google Analytics code, the Facebook pixel, or another tracking code in this section.

Switching off The Coming Soon Page

The coming soon mode on your website may be turned off with ease using SeedProd whenever you are ready to publish your website. Simply navigate to theSeedProd » Pages page and turn the ‘Active’ toggle under the Coming Soon Mode box to the off position.

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Creating a Maintenance Mode Page in WordPress

Some website owners may want to display a maintenance mode page rather than a coming soon page in order to save time. If your website is down for maintenance and you want to let your visitors know that you will be back up and running soon, a maintenance mode page may be quite useful. Using SeedProd’s Coming Soon Pro plugin for WordPress, you can also create visually appealing maintenance pages. You may do this by going to theSeedProd » Pages page and clicking on the “Set up a Maintenance Mode Page” option.

  1. You will have complete access control, and you will be able to quickly and simply switch off maintenance mode when you are finished.
  2. You may also be interested in our definitive guide on how to enhance your blog traffic, as well as our comparison of the finest business phone services to improve your productivity and efficiency.
  3. On top of that, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. This means that if you click on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a fee.

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Coming soon and Maintenance mode

I am in charge of the official website of the Municipality of Marathon in the Greek province of Attica. You may get more information about the plugin here. Marathon is a municipality in the state of Florida. It is vital for our community’s survival that our members are kept informed about planned activities. This plugin is really simple to integrate into our pages and provides our visitors with clear and concise information. The plugin is delivered in the form of a shortcode, and you are only able to modify the internal parameters.

  1. Also suitable for use on bilingual websites such as ours.
  2. Thank you to the WpDevArt team!
  3. “Coming soon and maintenance mode” is a piece of free software available on the internet.
  4. Contributors


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  • Vulnerability to Authenticated Stored XSS has been corrected.


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Interested in learning how to create a free coming soon page for your website in WordPress? And do you want to know how to set up a WordPress coming soon page for your website? A WordPress coming soon page is an excellent approach to inform visitors that your site will be launched shortly. It might also assist you in gaining a competitive advantage in search engine rankings prior to going online. However, how does one go about adding a “coming soon” page to WordPress? The following tutorial will teach you how to construct a free coming soon page in WordPress using the steps outlined above.

What Is a Coming Soon Page?

WordPress’s coming soon page is sometimes referred to as the WordPress coming soon mode. It’s a place where you may hide your whole website behind a single landing page, ensuring that visitors only view that page when they arrive. This means they will be unable to access any other areas of your WordPress website, which may be under construction at the time. You could, for example, create a coming soon page to promote your new WooCommerce store before it goes live on the internet. Alternatively, you may utilize it to gather email addresses in order to expand your blogging list prior to starting.

When your website’s coming soon page is online, search engine crawlers may crawl and index it, even before the rest of your site is live.

Consequently, you will be able to begin attracting organic visitors to your website immediately.

WordPress Coming Soon PageMaintenance Mode

Some individuals mistakenly believe that coming soon pages are the same as maintenance pages. Both page modes, on the other hand, are slightly different. A coming soon page is best used when you’re in the design and planning stages of your website, so that viewers don’t get the impression that the site is still in progress. Maintenance mode, on the other hand, is preferable when you’re making modest changes to your website.

It stops website visitors from seeing a damaged site while you’re making minor adjustments to your website. Check check this article to learn more about the difference between coming soon and maintenance mode.

Why Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress?

Let’s face it, you don’t want potential clients to view a website that is just half-finished. The fact that it is concealed behind a WordPress coming soon page keeps the dirty things hidden away. You will be able to manage exactly what people see and when they view it this way. You may build a coming soon page for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Creating a spot on your website where visitors may acquire information during the pre-launch period. Normally, visitors would be sent to your usual WordPress hosting page. This is not conducive to a positive user experience. Before you launch your website with a registration form, you need first build your email list. In order to keep a new design under wraps, you may create an under-construction page and give clients a password in order to see a sneak peek of what you’re working on.

Obviously, there are several approaches you may use to make a launching soon page effective for you and your company.

How to Create a Coming Soon Page in WordPress for Free?

When it comes to “How do I put up an under construction page in WordPress,” you’re in luck since this article will show you how. Follow the steps outlined below to discover how to construct a free WordPress landing page for a coming soon announcement.

Step 1. Install and Activate the SeedProd Plugin

We’ll be creating a coming soon page for your small business using the free SeedProd landing page builder for this lesson, which you can get here. SeedProd is the most effective WordPress landing page builder available. Aside from that, you may utilize this plugin to develop your own WordPress themes. It includes a simple WordPress maintenance mode page as well as features for a coming soon page. It also gives you the opportunity to expand your email list and restrict access to your website while it is under construction.

In order to optimize the lead generation efforts for your new website, SeedProd offers a number of solutions.

Furthermore, SeedProd is available in both a free and a paid edition, making it accessible to those with a variety of financial situations.

In reality, it’s the greatest free WordPress coming soon plugin available, granting you access to the following features:

  • Advanced design controls are available without the need to write HTML. Professionell created free WordPress coming soon landing page templates, sales page templates, thank you page templates, squeeze page templates, and more are available. There are powerful coming soon and maintenance modes that will assist you in working on your site behind the scenes. Front-end editing with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Specific templates can be blocked to make changes code-free and simple
  • It is compatible with any WordPress theme without any complications. Support for customized social symbols to increase social proof
  • Blocks for a giveaway and a contact form to help you quickly increase your subscriber list
  • Live mobile previews for landing sites that are mobile responsive

You may also upgrade to the Pro Version of SeedProd to have access to more features and capabilities, such as:

  • WordPress Theme Builder with drag and drop functionality
  • New landing page layouts are added on a regular basis. WordPress login page mode is built-in
  • 404 page mode is also built-in. Advanced page blocks, such as testimonials, optin forms, login forms, accordions, countdown clocks, progress bars, social media profiles, and more are available for use. WordPress video backgrounds and backdrop slideshows will be available shortly
  • WooCommerce blocks to help you build your online store
  • There are pre-made landing page pieces like as headers, footers, CTAs, and other elements. Incorporating Google Analytics, Zapier, and SEO strategies
  • Access restrictions are used to allow visitors to your website while it is still under construction. Integration with well-known email marketing systems, such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others
  • And There’s much more

The first step is to download and install the free SeedProd coming soon page plugin. Plugins > Add New may be accessed from the WordPress dashboard by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Then put “SeedProd” into the search box on the right-hand side of the screen. You will see the following outcomes as a result of this: ClickInstallnext to theComing Soon Page, Maintenance ModeLanding Pages by SeedProdheading, and then clickActivate to complete the installation. Following the activation of SeedProd, you will be presented with the following welcome screen.

Step 2. Create a Coming Soon Page in WordPress

On the next page, you’ll find a list of the many page modes that you may use on your website to get started. There are four separate parts at the top of this page: With the free edition of SeedProd, you have the option of activating the Coming Soon Mode and the Maintenance Mode, respectively. This enables you to display a user-friendly notification on your website when it is under construction or unavailable for maintenance purposes. If you want to utilize the other two page types – Login Page and 404 Page – you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version of SeedProd, which is available for purchase here.

To set up a free WordPress coming soon page, use the Create a Coming Soon Pagebutton from the drop-down menu.

After that, you’ll be prompted to select a theme for the coming soon page. For those just getting started, the free edition of SeedProd includes three free coming soon page designs that you may use to get started:

  1. Blank Template– Using this template, you can start from scratch and construct a bespoke coming soon page using the drag and drop builder. Simple Coming Soon Page– This template is a straightforward page that displays a quick message stating that your page will be available soon. Through use of the visual editor, you can simply change this theme and give it your own unique twist
  2. Page for a Rocket Launching Soon– This template is ready to use right away. Simply customize it with your own content and publish it
  3. That’s it.

To select a template, move your mouse cursor over its thumbnail and click the tick icon that appears.

Step 3. Change Your Coming Soon Page Content

To select a template, place your cursor over its thumbnail and click the tick button to the right of it.

  • Optin forms, giveaways, contact forms, countdown clocks, star ratings, social networking buttons, progress bars, anchor links, navigation menus, testimonials, checkouts, product grids, and much more are all possible.

To have access to these capabilities, you’ll need to subscribe to SeedProd’s Pro plan, which is available for a fee. Many of SeedProd’s blocks contain custom block templates, which may be used to create new blocks. This enables you to select from a variety of pre-set designs and styles and then implement them without having to write any code. If you click theButtonblock and then pick theTemplatestab, you will be able to examine a variety of styles. Colors, padding, and spacing, among other things, may be customized in the Advancedtab.

  1. Another technique to assist site visitors in contacting you from your coming soon landing page is to include a contact form in your WordPress installation.
  2. It is therefore really simple to set up a free coming soon website that includes a contact form.
  3. Once you’ve made your selection from the dropdown menu, the form will be displayed immediately on your page.
  4. You could, for example, include:
  • Registration forms for users, webinar registration forms, newsletter signup forms, and more are all available.
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Remember to click on the greenSavebutton at the top of the page to save your progress.

Step 4. Customize Your Coming Soon Page Template

Customizing the fonts, graphics, and colors of your customized coming soon page is also a straightforward process. You may either modify the colors on a per-block basis or globally in the block settings. Alternatively, you may customize the global color and font settings in the global page settings tab of the page editor. You may select a Google typeface for your coming soon website from hundreds of options available under the Typography tab. Simply select a font from the dropdown menus by selecting it from the list.

You may do this by going to the Global Settings page and selecting the Background tab.

Furthermore, by selectingBackground Position from the drop-down box, you may customize your background picture in the following ways:

  • A full-screen cover with a 100 percent width top and bottom, repeated
  • Repeat horizontal top and bottom, repeated vertical center

Users of SeedProd Pro can additionally use a slideshow or movie as a backdrop. Is it necessary to include some Custom CSS on your page? It’s not an issue. Simply click on the CSS tab and paste your unique code in there.

Step 5. Configure YourPage Settings

You may customise your coming soon page by going to thePage Settingstab at the very top of your screen and clicking on it numerous times. You may make general changes to your page’s settings here, such as giving it a new name or altering the URL of the page. Pro Using the Access Controlstab, users can control who can view your coming soon page and how long they may stay on your website while it is under construction. Allowing clients access to your workspace to show them what you’re working on without disclosing that work to the outside public is a great method to build trust with your clients.

Then you may copy the bypass URL and give it to anyone else who you want to provide access to your bypass URL to.

For your search engine optimization, you may utilize All in One SEO to change your SEO title, meta descriptions and other relevant elements.

Step 6. Publish Your Coming Soon Page in WordPress

To save your changes to the SeedProd page editor when you’ve finished configuring all of your options, click theSave button. SelectPublish when you have clicked the downward arrow and your coming soon page will be visible to everyone. Following the publication of your coming soon page, you will need to enable coming soon mode in order for your visitors to view that page throughout your whole website. For this, dismiss the page editor by clicking the “X” button and returning to the SeedProd dashboard.

  • This will make your page visible to visitors.
  • As a result, visitors will be sent to the page you just established.
  • Congratulations!
  • Isn’t it rather straightforward?
  • Are you ready to make one for yourself?
  • You may also learn how to construct a squeeze page by following this instructions.

How To Create A Coming Soon Page On WordPress (for free!)

This post contains a few of affiliate links to items and services that I personally use and love. After authoring Monday’s piece about how to create attractive opt-in forms for ConvertKit, I thought I’d use the opportunity to address the second most often asked tech issue, which is: “How can I gather email addresses before launching my website?” You can do it for free (apart from the cost of your domain name and hosting, which you should already have), and it’s really straightforward. All you need is a WordPress website, MailChimp, and this plugin to do the task.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to quickly alter it to match your company’s branding!

) If video is your preferred mode of learning, you may follow along with the step-by-step lesson provided below.

I neglected to include instructions for enabling the coming soon page in the video, so please watch it again (oops).

How to create a landing page in WordPress (for free)

Begin by logging into your WordPress dashboard. Install the Coming Soon PageMaintenance Modeplugin by SeedProd by going to PluginsAdd New and selecting it. For those who aren’t sent immediately to the plugin’s page, go toSettingsComing Soon PageMaintenance Modeand double-check that you’re on theContenttab before proceeding.

Upload yourLogo into thePage Settingssection of the website. Fill up the blanks with yourHeadline. You may enter whatever text you want to show above your sign-up form here in the Messagesection.

Create your sign-up form

We’re now going to add the sign-up form to the website. To begin, navigate to the Texteditor. Now, sign into MailChimp and navigate to the Lists section of the menu bar. Click the down arrow next to the list you’d like to add subscribers to and pick Signup Forms from the dropdown menu. Select the Embedded forms option from the drop-down menu. Uncheck the boxes Include form title and Display mandatory field indications. Then increase the width of theForm to 500. The embed code should now be copied and pasted into theTextfield in theMessagesection of the WordPress dashboard.

Repeat the process for theEmail Addresslabel and input field as needed.

Customize DisplaySettings

Now, let’s move on to theDesigntab, where we’ll make some changes to the display settings. Uploading a background picture to your landing page will allow you to personalize the look of the page. Please make sure that it is large enough to avoid having a pixelated backdrop. It is via Styled Stock Society that I obtained the image that I utilized. We’re now going to add some custom styles to the site. Keep scrolling down until you reach theCustom CSSsection. Copy and paste the CSS code from the following page into the textbox.

  • .
  • mc embed signup The color 333 is very crucial, as is the font family: ‘YOUR FONT HERE’.
  • I also feel the need to point out that while working with CSS, you should try to avoid utilizing the “!important” tag.
  • You may now view your beautiful new landing page by clicking on the Live Preview button at the top of the page.
  • Note: If your Message section editor is turned back to Visual mode, you will need to go back and take your MailChimp embed code and paste it back in, after which you will need to delete the additional lines for the Email Address and First Name labels that were previously there.

You’re all set!

You now have a lovely Coming Soon website that will help you to collect email subscribers while you are preparing for your debut! Congratulations! Look no farther than Coded Creative if you’re still seeking for the right theme for your WordPress blog. Kory Woodard and I are constantly hard at work developing themes that are simple, elegant, and effective. Please keep in mind that I do not provide assistance for the plugins indicated above, nor do I provide instructions for alternative email platforms.

10 Steps To Go From Hours Of Code To Development-Free Design

Creating pre-launch excitement for a website is an important but sometimes ignored phase in the process of developing and launching a website. By doing this step right, you will be able to generate a significant amount of visitors before your site ever goes online. A ‘Coming Soon’ page, on the other hand, provides visitors with important information about what your website is about and when they can expect it to become live. In the same way that you might anticipate, WordPress makes it simple to add a “Coming Soon” page to your website.

In addition, you’ll be able to completely design your page and include any and all of the information you choose.

Let’s get this party started!

WordPress Coming Soon Page

For modern marketing, having a web presence is almost a need, as you may be aware of. Whenever you’re creating a new website, you’ll want to do everything you can to grab the attention of your target audience. The development of an effective pre-launch promotional campaign is one example of what this entails. People will be interested in learning more about your organization during this period, before your website is completely functional. Creating a Coming Soon page gives customers with the information they want while also increasing anticipation.

This strategy is also an excellent way to gather email addresses, which you can later use to communicate with your target audience in a more direct manner if you like.

How to Put a Coming Soon Page on WordPress

There are a number different approaches to creating a Coming Soon page. For example, you may pick a theme that is exclusive to your business. But using this strategy implies that you won’t be able to readily work on the rest of your site while your Coming Soon page is up and running.

In the vast majority of circumstances, a plugin is a far superior approach. Here are three good solutions that we may propose for websites of various sorts to demonstrate our thesis.

Coming Soon PageMaintenance Mode by SeedProd

We’re going to kick things off with a long-time leader in the world of Coming Soon plugins: iThemes Coming Soon. Pages that are being maintained by SeedProd are high-quality solutions, whether you’re using the free or commercial versions of their software. This plugin is compatible with practically any WordPress theme and comes with a variety of adjustments to assist you in creating a unique-looking Coming Soon page for your website. If you have the necessary ability, you can also use custom CSS and HTML, making this an extremely adaptable option regardless of your level of technical experience.

Although the fundamental plugin is free, the premium version (which starts at $29) significantly enhances its capability, turning it into a fully-featured solution.

Minimal Coming SoonMaintenance Mode

Following that, the pluginMinimal Coming SoonMaintenance Modeis a plugin that lives up to its name. This solution is a basic approach to creating Coming Soon pages, with a straightforward interface that is yet loaded with options and features. By utilizing a drag-and-drop interface, you may design highly customizable page layouts with this program. Additionally, it is compatible with a variety of cache plugins, making it a long-term option if you need to build Coming Soon pages on a frequent basis.

Also available is the option to display an optional warning to people who sign up for your newsletter to ensure that they are aware of how their information will be used.

CMP – Coming SoonMaintenance Plugin

CMP – Coming SoonMaintenance Plugin, our final plugin on this list, is likely the most adaptable of the options on our list. It may be used for a variety of purposes, including Coming Soon pages, Maintenance Mode pages, and landing pages. There are several pre-designed templates available to get you up and going quickly, and you may adjust their fonts, colors, logo, and other aspects of their appearance as needed. You may also select to include custom CSS styles on your Coming Soon page if you want to make your website truly stand out.

Despite the fact that this plugin is not as feature-rich as other options, it is entirely free to download and use.

In other words, if you want a short-term solution for the creation of a Coming Soon website, this is a cost-effective option to use.

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Best Practices for a Coming Soon Page

In order to optimize attention and conversions on your Coming Soon page, you should follow a few best practices after you’ve selected a plugin to employ.

  • Keep the layout of the page basic. You’ll want to pare down your document to its bare necessities and condense all of the important material onto a single, easy-to-read page. Additionally, wherever feasible, avoid scrolling down your page. Include an email capture box on your website. You’ll want to start creating your email list as soon as possible, while the excitement surrounding your project is building. Include a clear Call To Action at the beginning of the document (CTA). A clear active step should be provided to visitors so that you can profit on their first curiosity

Add a countdown timer to make it apparent when your site will be complete and to add a little aesthetic flair to your page, if possible. However, we recommend that you only integrate this functionality once you have set a solid launch date for your product.

Get Support for More Common WordPress Questions from WP Engine

When it comes to having your website up and running, “soon” might very easily turn into “never” if you make a bad choice in terms of web hosting. Choosing a strong, dependable, and adaptable option for hosting your WordPress website is likely the most important decision you can make before your site goes live. It is possible that the agility and performance provided by WP Engine’s Digital Experience Platform may allow you to get to market more quickly. Take a look at our plans! There are many of tools available to keep your site operating well, and WP Engine also gives a plethora of help anytime you want it.

Display a Stylish Under Construction Page with the Coming Soon CC Plugin for WordPress

It is possible that the freeComing Soon CC pluginwill be just what you are searching for if you are seeking for a basic and visually appealing approach to alert your visitors that your website is under renovation. You can quickly and simply create an under maintenance page, replete with your own logo, custom message and email opt-in form, with this WordPress plugin. While the template offered with the free version of the Coming Soon CC plugin is quite simple, you can subscribe to the premium version in order to have access to five more high-quality templates as well as a few additional customization options for those designs.

Coming Soon CC is a fantastic option if you want to keep your website under wraps while you work on it while still building your pre-launch email list and social media following at the same time.

How to Use Coming Soon CC on Your Website

Coming Soon CC is a free plugin that can be downloaded and installed on your website simply from the WordPress plugin directory. This may be accomplished by logging into your site’s administration section (and then selecting Plugins>Add New from the sidebar menu). Enter ‘Coming Soon CC’ in the search area on the Add Plugins screen, and then click on the first item that appears in the results list to install it. As soon as the plugin has been installed and active, it may be accessed via the Coming Soon CC item in the Settings sidebar menu, which is accessible from any browser.

Creating Your Coming Soon Page

Setting up your coming soon page is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes. All WordPress users should be comfortable with the user interface, and the way for adding your unique content to the coming soon template should be intuitive to those already familiar with WordPress. The Template Selection page may be skipped because the free edition of this plugin only offers one template, thus you can proceed directly to the Settings tab. The Coming Soon page may be activated from the Settings tab, which is accessible from the navigation bar.

  • This lets you to continue working on your website, whether it’s adding content or tweaking the design, until it’s ready to go live.
  • Additionally, you will have the chance to include your Google Analytics monitoring code.
  • Additionally, you have the option of enabling the optional newsletter sign-up form.
  • When compared to the paid version, which interacts with MailChimp, the free version merely transmits any email addresses that your visitors enter to your own inbox.
  • You can include an optional logo, some header text, your primary message, as well as a footer note, in addition to the footer note.
  • Aside from being able to utilize the native WordPress UI on the settings pages, utilizing the WordPress editor to add custom text to your coming soon page is also an option for you to consider.

Color and font for the background picture or text; text logo color and font; button and link colors; as well as the fonts for the button and message You can then either publish your page or go back and make adjustments to the design after viewing a live preview of it.


Comes with everything you need to put your website into maintenance mode and display the information you want, as you can see in the screenshots. There are several customization options available, even in the free edition of this plugin, to ensure that your mobile-friendly coming soon page looks just the way you want it to. If you have any queries concerning this plugin, or about working with WordPress in general, please post them in the comments section of this page.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Create a WordPress Coming Soon Page

The content on Themeisle is completely free. When you make a purchase after clicking on one of our referral links, we receive a commission. Read on to find out more It takes time to construct a website. It might be beneficial to generate some interest in your product or service during this time period. The challenge, of course, is figuring out how to accomplish this when you have nothing to show visitors. An ‘Coming Soon’ page on your WordPress site might be really useful in this situation. In a nutshell, a Coming Soon website may assist you in informing the public that something fresh and interesting is on its way.

Furthermore, in the majority of circumstances, creating Coming Soon pages is a simple process.

Then we’ll teach you what features to include in yours, as well as how to put it together yourself.

What a WordPress Coming Soon page is (and when to use one)

We should first discuss the differences between Coming Soon and maintenance pages before proceeding any further. The latter informs users that your website – or a portion of it – is experiencing technical issues at the time of writing: In certain circumstances, users also use maintenance pages while making cosmetic modifications to their websites, which is perfectly acceptable and acceptable. Coming Soon pages, on the other hand, are utilized while working on a brand new project. Creating a WordPress Coming Soon page, for example, can help you generate interest in your website before it officially launches: If you’re going to add new features to an existing site, a Coming Soon page makes more sense than a maintenance page in this situation.

When developing new pages or features for your website, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s usually more efficient to work on a staging copy of your website.

The elements your WordPress Coming Soon page should include

Coming Soon pages are often uncomplicated in terms of design and functionality, and this is true both visually and functionally.

In most situations, they are composed of a small number of components, such as:

  • There will be a “coming soon” message, albeit it will be customized
  • An estimation of how long it may take for the project to go online, which may be based on the use of a countdown timer
  • A sign-up form, which allows you to collect leads passively while the site is under construction. Links to the social media profiles associated with your website

At the absolute least, your Coming Soon page should feature a statement informing visitors that they should keep an eye out for anything new on your website. Even if the other features are probably secondary, the ones we discussed before are great for a WordPress Coming Soon page.

How to create a Coming Soon page in WordPress (3 steps)

There are a zillion different approaches you may use when developing a page for your website. In the case of WordPress, there are plugins available to assist you in getting a Coming Soon page up and running as quickly as possible. Talk about what they are and how to make use of them!

1. Find a suitable tool to set up your Coming Soon page

WordPress has a plethora of plugins that are titled “Coming Soon.” The Coming Soon PageMaintenance Mode, on the other hand, is one of our favorites since, as you might have guessed, it can assist you in setting up both Coming Soon and maintenance pages, depending on your scenario. It goes without saying that the most important feature is the ability to construct a Coming Soon page that can be enabled whenever you wish. It offers a few simple tools to assist you in designing the website and even customizing it using the CSS styling language.

To be on the safe side, we also propose theMinimal Coming SoonMaintenance Mode and theComing Soon, Under ConstructionMaintenance Pageplugins (for the lengthy title!).

2. Configure your WordPress Coming Soon page

You’ll notice that a new SeedProdtab has been added to your dashboard after you’ve installed the plugin. Navigate to theSettingssection inside this area. Here, you’ll discover several options, but for the time being, focus on theDesigntab.This is where you may customize the appearance of your WordPress Coming Soon page. It’s a good idea to start by choosing a backdrop color or uploading an image:Further down the page, you’ll find more options for making your background responsive, as well as other display settings.

You can also use the Live Previewtab at the top of the screen to see how they look.

Feel free to make any necessary adjustments to these settings before moving on to theContenttab.

Step3: Enable the Coming Soon page

The final step is to make your WordPress Coming Soon page visible to visitors. This may be accomplished using the SeedprodSettingsContentscreen. There is a Generalsection at the very top of the page: Save the modifications by selecting theEnableComing SoonMode option from the drop-down menu. Your Coming Soon page should now be active, but you won’t notice any differences when going to the front end of your website. Visitors, on the other hand, will be sent to your Coming Soon page when they arrive.

The Coming Soon mode may be turned off by returning to this tab when your website is ready to be made public for viewing. This is the moment at which your work will be visible to others!


There are a variety of instances in which a Coming Soon page might be really useful. For example, if you’re about to launch a new website, using it as a landing page can aid in the collection of leads for your business. In the event that you’re redesigning your website, a Coming Soon page informs visitors that something new is on the way. Regardless of what you want to do with it, setting up a WordPress Coming Soon page is a straightforward process that can be completed in three stages (if you have the proper tools): Is there anything else you’d like to know about how to set up a WordPress Coming Soon page?

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