5 Top-Notch Spring Bundles That Are On Sale Right Now

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(Last Updated On: April 25, 2019)

There’s no secret, in 2019, everything should be as customer-friendly as possible. Thanks to technological progress, people got used to comfort. It should be in everything. Nowadays, when someone is about to shop, they don’t want to waste time waiting in line. And why should they? You can buy everything online, book an appointment, view out numerous feedback, and so on. Seeing that, you can be sure that the modern generation will always prefer a visitor-friendly service to a popular one.

We live in the era of modern technologies that continue to improve and develop every day! Well, you should improve and develop with them in case you want to keep the power. The truth is that now a strong online presence is a must-have. And it comes not for eCommerce sites only. Any idea, as well as any startup, should be presented online. How do you think what will be the first thing a prospect does when they hear about your business? Yep, they will google it!

To sum everything up, in 2019, whatever you do, you should do it with the customer in mind! What’s more, today, running a visitor-friendly landing page or even a full-fledged website is not enough. Keep in mind that your promo should be as customer-oriented as possible. So, in other words, you should always know your customer needs! For example, if you are about to get the attention of modern photographers, study everything they are interested in. Here are our official list of the best gifts for photographers. With it, you will always know what to look for.

Obviously, you can go further and find out more details about the technics your prospects are working with. To illustrate, here is how you can create a vintage effect with photoshop actions. Such styles become popular again, so take a closer look at the tutorial!

Also, in case your audience includes photographers, you’ll need to study today’s designers and their needs. All in all, in 2019, these business niches are closely connected. Here are some cool gift ideas for graphic designers to know what you should look for.

Another vital aspect to think of being social media. It already became a huge part of your prospect’s everyday routine. Needless to say, you already know that all well-known companies use social media platforms to find new customers. Would you like to double your audience? In case you are, you can’t avoid social integration. But what should you start with?

We recommend you to start with Instagram, as it has 1 billion active users per month. To say more, 500 million of them use Instagram every day. Moreover, 35% of all online adults use Instagram, and 28% of them are from US. For these simple reasons, you should know how to deal with this SM. In fact, thanks to Instagram, you can get your business onto a strong footing.

Start with getting the attention of your potential clients! Luckily, there are lots of ways to get more followers on Instagram in an organic way! All you need to do is to understand the newest algorithms the platform uses and simply cope with them.

When it comes to Insta world, we can’t let you go without mentioning the most important point – hashtags, They actually influence the popularity of your business, so here is the list of top Instagram hashtags you should view out. From this post, you will know how to create a winning hashtag strategy in 5 simple steps.

What else should you know to stay in vague? Let’s see! Here are 5 top-notch spring bundles with lots of trendy elements inside. Here is what any designer, developer, photographer, marketing specialist, and even programmer should see!

#1 Wild Forest Watercolour Collection Bundle

First things first, Wild Forest is a charming watercolour collection bundle. The set contains 99 strikingly-coloured elements that were crafted by hand. The price is $9 only and here’s what you can see in the pack:

  • 6 wild animal illustrations with a transparent background,
  • 65 floral elements with a transparent background,
  • 5 big and 5 small floral frames transparent background,
  • 2 forest illustrations,
  • and 10 watercolour backgrounds.

#2 Spring Garden Watercolour Collection Bundle

Spring Garden in another amazing watercolour illustrations bundle. Right now it is on sale, so the set costs $12. Here is what you will find inside the bundle:

  • 120 floral elements with a transparent background,
  • 10 floral wreaths with transparent background,
  • 6 floral frames with transparent background,
  • 6 floral compositions with transparent background,
  • 4 floral corners with transparent background,
  • and new 12 spring illustrations as a bonus.

#3 45 Renewable Energy Ecology Icons Bundle

Let’s imagine that you already have some wonderful illustrations for your business promo. However, when it comes to business, any detail matters! That’s why you should take care of all the components you use for a site or a presentation. In fact, the fonts and the icons you use are as important as the rest of your project, so check out this minimalist icons bundle for $6. The pack contains:

  • 45 icons in 2 styles,
  • well-organized set in AI and EPS vector files,
  • changeable colours and shapes,
  • 100% vector icons that are easy in customization.

#4 200 Girly Gold Pink Textured Bundle

Yes, we know that Valentine’s Day has already gone, but this brilliant bundle deserves to be included to the list of cutest Valentine’s day gifts for nerds. By the way, you can also use this list to know your customer needs in case your audience includes:

  • designers,
  • developers,
  • programmers,
  • copywriters, etc.

And what’s inside the bundle? The pack also costs $15 due to the sale and has 200 elements divided by colour into 11  categories.

#5 20 Premium PowerPoint And Keynote Templates

To finish with, let’s move to this premium bundle which contains eye-catching layouts for PowerPoint and Keynote. If you are going to have a presentation, this hip bundle is just what the doctor ordered! The pack costs $39 only which is shocking because the total price of its components is nearly $300. Here is what you get with 20 Premium PowerPoint And Keynote Template bundle:

  • 13 PowerPoint templates,
  • 7 Keynote templates,
  • unlimited colour options,
  • modern slides,
  • unique layouts and additional functions,
  • free fonts, and much more!

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