TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace: A Reliable Place to Sell Your Downloadable Products?

Sharing your digital products on the Internet has never been easier. These days, it is not about the tedious process of launching a brand-new site to sell your assortment. It is about knowing exactly what you desire to sell and finding the right place to do this. Without a doubt, many creators come up with[…]

Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes for Charity Organizations

Charities are crucial elements of society that help those who are in need. It’s a very noble cause and we highly respect it. But reaching out to thousands of people asking for help can be challenging at times. Today, everybody uses the Internet for various purposes, be it shopping, gaming or literally anything else. So,[…]

18 Top Notch Business Themes for WordPress

Insensibly for themselves, humanity realized that it lives in the digital world. And this world has its own laws and principles. Before, it was very difficult to express yourself for a million audience. Now, it’s possible. Moreover, it’s easy to do, you just need to know basic principles of digital space. First of all, you[…]

Creating a Perfect Place: 19 of the Top Interior Design WordPress Themes

Interior design is not just a process of choosing paint for your walls or buying separate pieces of furniture. During this process we design the space around us, creating the small world in which we live. What is around us can either comfort us and make us more productive or distract and suppress when it[…]

23 Society and People WordPress Themes that You Are not Able to Live Without

Society evolves, and you have to keep it up. Nowadays, everyone who runs any kind of business or provides people with any kind of services should have a website. That’s called the “establishment of your internet presence, and this is the rule of the new world. Adapt or die, as Billy Beane would say. Even[…]

Pop-Up Manager PrestaShop Module

Main Feature: Pop-Up PrestaShop Module allows keeping the connection between your business and customers using an eye-catching pop-up window. From time to time, it becomes crucial to highlight some pieces of information on your website. There is a large number of methods one can take advantage of. Some people decide to turn to sliders and focus[…]

MegaMenu PrestaShop Addon

Main Feature: MegaMenu PrestaShop Addon allows streamlining your navigation on the online-store and providing people with user-friendly and understandable menus. There is no doubt that many online-store owners need to build a fully-functional menu. It is crucial for all the visitors who want to find the desired pieces of information in a jiffy. In such a[…]

10 Magento Extensions to Enhance Your Online Store

Nowadays, Magento powers a large number of online stores. Its community is constantly growing. For this reason, many people choose this eCommerce platform to realize their ideas. However, they might need something special to provide their websites with advanced functionality. In this case, everyone can turn to additional Magento extensions. Today, we have decided to[…]

Novi Editor: What to Know About a Popular Visual HTML Page Builder?

Many web-developers are looking for effective methods to simplify their workflow. They have an interest in crafting the highest number of online-projects for their clients. In addition to this, many novices need something that allows managing their website easily. It is possible to turn to a widely-used Novi Builder in terms of both of these[…]

Navbar JavaScript: Build a Fully-Responsive Navigation for Your Website

Every online-project requires having easy-to-use navigation. Not everyone can create well-organized website navigation in a flash. In this case, they might turn to some additional tools to speed this process up. As an example, they can use scripts. They are easy-to-use and take the smallest amount of time to install them. Today, we want to[…]