Top 20 TemplateMonster’s Best-Selling Templates


The era of multipurpose website templates has arrived. Rather than choosing niche-specific designs, contemporary users give preference to ready-made solutions that can become the basis of a variety of online projects. Thus, you can pick a WordPress template that will get your blog live. However, you can use the same ready-made design for building a[…]

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Top 20 Best Beauty Salon WordPress Themes

best beauty salon wordpress themes

It’s natural that people want to be healthy and look good. Are you working in the style and beauty industry? Then, we’ve got something very special for you. Did you think of a website that will draw web community attention to your services? Here we’ve got 20 best beauty salon WordPress themes. Why WordPress? Because[…]

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20 Amazing Top Bootstrap Themes


So, you’ve decided to build an amazing website for your business using a Bootstrap theme. That’s a good choice for some reasons. In this article we’ll show you our collection of 20 Amazing Top Bootstrap themes and tell you why it’s a good job to run your website with a Bootstrap theme. Simply browse our[…]

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10 Amazing Night Club Templates


Nowadays people have to overcome many difficulties connected with their job, private life, household etc. That’s why it is of vital importance to entertain them. Those who are involved in entertainment business understand the whole drama. Today we want to offer a collection of 10 amazing Night Club templates to give your website a new[…]

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30 Amazing WordPress Themes to Make You Successful by a Stroke of Luck


Why do you need a WordPress theme? Now comes the time when we cannot even imagine an organization or public institution without a website and thus not represented in the global network. Many individuals also come to the idea of creating their own sites. Currently, web-resources are able not only to convey information, but also[…]

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Top 20 News Portal WordPress Themes To Keep Abreast of World Events


Today the whole world is connected and we have a wonderful possibility to be well informed of what is happening at the other corner of the world. It is a responsible and at the same time fascinating task to be a messenger of those events and conflicts that shape our today’s society. But what can[…]

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Top 25 Retro WordPress Themes to Bring You to the Word of Aesthetic Pleasure


Retro WordPress Themes can give memorable and original twist to your website design. They bring the spirit of past times and endless space for creativity. They are new but at the same time skilfully intertwining the most vivid and expressive elements of old styles. Vintage & retro style themes can completely change the whole image[…]

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40 Black and White Joomla Templates


Black and White are two major colors in the palette. Having this thing in common though they become an icon of the contrast. Just few antitheses where notions are associated with white or black color respectively: Day and Night, Good and Evil, Angel and Demon, Hero and Villain. Even in web sphere there is such[…]

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30 Top Truly Bestselling and Beautiful WordPress Templates

Money Making Potential WordPress Theme

30 Top Truly Bestselling and Beautiful WordPress Templates Bestselling and beautiful WordPress themes are essential for a website of any business and finance organization. None will ever challenge the view about this assumption being correct. But why are beautiful templates so vital for companies’ websites? What makes any particular theme look attractive? Why is one[…]

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