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(Last Updated On: March 12, 2020)

Main Feature: Pop-Up PrestaShop Module allows keeping the connection between your business and customers using an eye-catching pop-up window.

From time to time, it becomes crucial to highlight some pieces of information on your website. There is a large number of methods one can take advantage of. Some people decide to turn to sliders and focus the attention of people on their content. However, there is one more way to notify your target audience about the essential updates. We are talking about a pop-up window. If you want to use precisely this tool, there is a useful variant from the collection of PrestaShop modules.

Pop-Up Manager PrestaShop Module PrestaShop Module

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Together with this instrument, it is possible to create different types of pop-ups. As an example, you can come up with a classic variant and attract more attention to your information. It is also a promo variant that allows working with some extra content and increasing the number of your buyers.

What can we say in terms of the customization process?

This pop-up manager does not require having some expert coding knowledge from you. Its highly-customizable nature is suitable for people with different coding backgrounds. As a result, it is possible to create pop-ups of varying levels of complexity. If you need to add some additional content, it will not be a problem. You are always free to work with such elements as images and texts to make a pop-up window suit your vision.

Furthermore, you are going to get a fully-adaptive design. In other words, people will get the opportunity to view your pop-ups on different devices, including mobile ones. It is an essential aspect for those who buy the chosen items using only smartphones.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

All of these options included in the module package will cost you $64.

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