PHP Tip: How to Count Visits With Cookie and Display Welcome Message

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(Last Updated On: July 10, 2014)

Here, we’ll show you how you can count visits of a specific visitor with PHP cookies. The following script will say “welcome” on a visitor’s first time visit.


If that visitor has already visited, then it will give the visit number when the visitor was on the website last time.

// set the variable to 0, it'll matter only if the cookie for the variable is not set
$countVisit = 0;
// if cookie is set for the variable, it'll go to $countVisit and get added by 1; otherwise it'll show 0 for tha variable
$countVisit = $_COOKIE['countVisit'];
$countVisit ++;
// if the last visist cookie is set, it'll pass the value to $lastVisit, and it'll be displayed below;
$lastVisit = $_COOKIE['lastVisit'];

// set cookie for countVisit
setcookie('countVisit', $countVisit+1,  time()+3600);
// set cookie for last visit
setcookie('lastVisit', date("d-m-Y H:i:s"),  time()+3600);
// show the respected values

// is the variable is not set, say 'welcome', otherwise show the info about visit number and last visit date
if($countVisit == 0){
echo "Welcome";
} else {

echo "This is your visit number ".$countVisit;
echo '<br>';
echo "Last time, you were here ".$lastVisit;


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