Top 20 TemplateMonster’s Best-Selling Templates


The era of multipurpose website templates has arrived. Rather than choosing niche-specific designs, contemporary users give preference to ready-made solutions that can become the basis of a variety of online projects. Thus, you can pick a WordPress template that will get your blog live. However, you can use the same ready-made design for building a[…]

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Top 20 Best Beauty Salon WordPress Themes

best beauty salon wordpress themes

It’s natural that people want to be healthy and look good. Are you working in the style and beauty industry? Then, we’ve got something very special for you. Did you think of a website that will draw web community attention to your services? Here we’ve got 20 best beauty salon WordPress themes. Why WordPress? Because[…]

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20 Foremost Real Estate WordPress Themes


Are you running a real estate agency? Do you have a website to promote your services online? If you don’t have it or your outdated site needs a rebranding, this compilation will save you a lot of time. Here we have collected 20 best  real estate WordPress themes for the purpose. All of them were[…]

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Real Estate Website Bellaina – Powerful WordPress Solution


Bringing your real estate website online is a demanding challenge. You need to take into account lots of details if you want your website to be successful. Popular multipurpose templates can become a good and easy solution for a real estate website. They are extremely flexible and possess a wide number of versatile features. Thus[…]

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Multipurpose WordPress Theme Monstroid + 50 Child Themes


This article will be useful both for Monstroid (a multipurpose WordPress theme from TemplateMonster) fans and those who have never heard about it. What will you know? You will get the exhaustive information about this incredible web design toolkit, created by, about its latest update and browse all its 50 child themes. Why should[…]

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20 Amazing Top Bootstrap Themes


So, you’ve decided to build an amazing website for your business using a Bootstrap theme. That’s a good choice for some reasons. In this article we’ll show you our collection of 20 Amazing Top Bootstrap themes and tell you why it’s a good job to run your website with a Bootstrap theme. Simply browse our[…]

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20 Pretty Kids and Children WordPress Themes


So, you’re looking for the most interesting children theme to promote your business catered to children, don’t you? Maybe you have a children store, a children’s learning center or a day care center and of course you’re interested in a colorful and a playfully designed website. You may know that children can be a very[…]

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How to load your maps faster with Google Maps Widget plugin


Since Google purchased the technology back in 2005, Google Maps have changed the way we think about our planet. Throughout the years, the renowned company accumulated an unimaginable number of images of Earth. Today, we take Google Maps for granted and we have them embedded in different applications, widgets and on our websites. Whether we[…]

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15+ Best WordPress Health, Wellness, Beauty & Medical Themes 2014

Spasalon CMS Wordpress Theme

Welcome to a collection of 15+ Best WordPress Health, Wellness, Beauty & Medical Themes 2016. These WordPress themes 2014 for health, wellness, beauty and medical are best to use. These responsive WordPress Themes are suitable for medical and health related projects or businesses. These best WordPress themes 2016 are dedicated to create a beauty salon website,[…]

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20 Best Beauty Salon WordPress Themes to Impress a Customer


If you are here, so you look for a professional and beautiful theme to create the best beauty salon theme to succeed in your business. And of course WordPress is that perfect tool that makes your dream come true in hours. We have gathered here a collection of 20 Best Beauty Salon WordPress themes for[…]

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