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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2018)

In recent years online shopping has become an intrinsic experience of our daily live. People favor online shopping as it is far more informative then just seeing your product on a shelf of a supermarket. It provides a greater variety of buying options, is geographically unbound and time-saving. For the online shop to be effective, it should have an up-to-date responsive design that provides clients with comfortable experience of product viewing, working with electronic carts and using different payment methods.

Modern web design market features many ecommerce (that is “electronic commerce”) options. Some of them have been on the market for a long while, while new ones are constantly being developed and outshine their predecessors in functionality and ease of use. A big event on the ecommerce market was the release of PestaShop 1.6 version this spring. PestaShop is one of the most popular platforms for running a web store, featuring extensive functionality and detailed statistic feedback. Initially launched in 2007, it currently powers more than 165,000 websites and its latest version is claimed to be the smartest choice on the market.

Why is PestaShop the Best Option for an Online Shop?

1) It provides a great shopping experience for your customers due to multiple functions such as animated “Add To Cart” process, comfortable “Quick View” options, support of different payment methods and languages.

2) It effectively boosts your sales. Responsive home page slideshow will show off the best deals of your shop, catchy “New” and “On sale” labels will attract attention to special offers, elaborated adding product process will allow you to specify all the assets of your goods.

3) PestaShop provides you with great automatically generated statistic on profits, carts, best sellers and most active customers. It features a powerful dashboard that works as a back office for your shop. All the data is favorably presented in sleek graphs turning monitoring your website into a piece of cake.

With all the functionality of PestaShop, it is really important that your website gets a great design that keeps users interested in it and presents your products in best light. Starting a custom design from scratch does not seem to be a savvy option as it will devour extra time and money. A wiser option is getting your website a ready-made template by top designers.

Why is a Predesigned Template Better than a Custom Design?

1) It is up to 10 times cheaper but gives you a high-quality product of unique outlook created by an experienced professional team.

2) You see what you get before buying it. It is not buying a pig in a poke, as when after waiting for your custom design to be created, you get something very far from what you expected.

3) Your web store is responsive. It provides a comfortable experience both for desktop and mobile clients by adjusting to the screen size of a device.

) Ready templates are easy to install. You can run your online store 15 minutes after buying a template. Moreover, PestaShop templates go with extensive documentation and are accompanies with 24/7 technical support from

5) As a bonus, you also get a license for all the images included in a template. You may replace them with your own images or reuse the images in later projects.

Are you ready to take your enterprise to a new level of profitability? Then give it a boost with one of these great PestaShop templates. It is the best weapon available on the market!

The Best Offer: Real Estate Agency PrestaShop Template

When it comes to important choice of the future house and home, it should be careful and well-thought. Of course, you care for presentation of material on your website, as it should be convenient for your clients. This well-structured and straightforward template will create the best conditions for an informed choice.

Real Estate Agency Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

All You Need Is … Fishing! Responsive PrestaShop Theme

This is the pleasure of stress relief and recreation one deserves among the fuss of daily pressures. Your shop can offer all your clients may need. And does this in a neat, well-organized way.

Fishing Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Rough Speed: Wheels & Tires Responsive PrestaShop Design

This theme is not for modest drivers. Its metal elements and black and red color palette convey the roughness of unbound drive powered by your best wheels.

Wheels & Tires Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

All Shades of Comfort: Crafts Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Are you nostalgic for home-spun sweaters that your grandmother presented you when you was a child? Re-create this cosy feeling with a bright selection of best yarn featured in the lightbox of your website.

Crafts Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Just for Kids PrestaShop Theme

Play around with fort size and color to keep it in line with images of little ones. The positive shades of blue, baby pink and green will reinforce the sense of childish happiness.

Just for Kids PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Natural Cosmetics Store Responsive PrestaShop Design

Heavy make-up is already a remnant of the past. The radiance of fresh and healthy look is expressed by the peach shades of this template.

Cosmetics Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Not Only an Attractive Cover: Book Store PrestaShop Template

Convenient to use, this template allows your clients to navigate among different categories and genres with ease. Grid featuring large book covers looks sleek and you do not need to to rewrite the titles underneath.

Book Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Free Movement: Bikes Store PrestaShop Theme

Guests of your website will be allured by freedom of movement conveyed by this dynamic theme. Red-colored elements will stimulate to action and mountain landscapes of the background will inspire to strive for more.

Bikes Store PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Clothes that Rock PrestaShop Theme

The best place for unconventional informal minds. The only compromise it allows is of self-expression and fashionable look.

Clothes that Rock PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Unique Design: Handmade Jewelry PrestaShop Design

Hand-crafted pieces give a sense of creativity to every outfit. Uncover the uniqueness of every piece of art with the help of this design that features large images of the items.

Handmade Jewelry PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Spice Shop Responsive PrestaShop Theme

This design is not overly crammed with out-of-place information. It leaves enough space for concentrating on the look and aroma of spices that comes to mind when one sees the vivid images of product samples.

Spice Shop Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Princess Elegance: Jewelry Responsive PrestaShop Design

We all know that when there is too much jewelry – it looks vulgar. With this template every piece is presented separately and independently, not turning your website into an over-crammed page of trifles.

Children's Jewelry PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Pattern Land: Linen Store PrestaShop Theme

Each pattern tells its own story. Some remind us of vocations, others invite us to flower gardens. Unfold the uniqueness of your linen with this user-friendly responsive template.

Linen Store PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

A Cut Above: Knives Made of Best Steel PrestaShop Template

If your store uses this sleek, tricolor theme, it is precise as a cut of the knife. Black and white, with highlights of red, it gives your website a feeling of accurate performance and functionality.

Knives Made of Best Steel PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

A Real Experience: Radio Controlled Devices PrestaShop Theme

There is nothing special in driving a car, but controlling an RC car or helicopter is much more fun. Feature bright images in the lightbox, allow for easy website navigation with a grid – this theme has everything you need for ensuring the best buying experience.

Radio Controlled Devices PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Not a Hair out of Place: Hair Salon PrestaShop Design

For finding a perfect hairstyle one does not need lengthy descriptions – just photos of how it will look. Make your options desired with the fashionable color palette of this website. Light pink highlights will keep it stylish and feminine.

Hair Salon Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Selling Cars PrestaShop Theme

Dynamic and positive, this theme suggests that your clients are not buying a car to show it off, but to actively use it. Practical and user-friendly, this theme will ensure the comfort of online purchase.

Selling Cars PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Strong Coffee PrestaShop Design

For office and for home, best coffee options are favorably presented in your webstore. It allows for easy navigation and quickly gets you to the products you are looking for.

Strong Coffee PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Modern and Reliable: Home Electronics PrestaShop Template

Light blue is associated with progress and technology. It also evokes the notions of reliability and ease of operation. This great webstore design allows you to display many products at the same time and makes the selection process simpler.

Home Electronics PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Ideas for Happiness: Gifts Store Responsive PrestaShop Design

If your clients are at loss what is the best gift for their dear ones or colleagues, help the out by exposing them to your great selection of diverse gift ideas. Shopping process has never been that simple and fun!

Gifts Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

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