Multipurpose Templates vs. Niche Websites: What Template Fits You Better?

multipurpose templates

Multipurpose templates became popular just recently and seem to start competing with tried-and-tested niche templates that are out there since template industry was born. Have you ever wondered why they are so special and what makes more and more people go for them? Today, we’ll see what makes a multipurpose website different from a niche[…]

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Real Estate Website Bellaina – Powerful WordPress Solution


Bringing your real estate website online is a demanding challenge. You need to take into account lots of details if you want your website to be successful. Popular multipurpose templates can become a good and easy solution for a real estate website. They are extremely flexible and possess a wide number of versatile features. Thus[…]

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Multipurpose WordPress Theme Monstroid + 50 Child Themes


This article will be useful both for Monstroid (a multipurpose WordPress theme from TemplateMonster) fans and those who have never heard about it. What will you know? You will get the exhaustive information about this incredible web design toolkit, created by, about its latest update and browse all its 50 child themes. Why should[…]

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20 Amazing Top Bootstrap Themes


So, you’ve decided to build an amazing website for your business using a Bootstrap theme. That’s a good choice for some reasons. In this article we’ll show you our collection of 20 Amazing Top Bootstrap themes and tell you why it’s a good job to run your website with a Bootstrap theme. Simply browse our[…]

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20 Best Beauty Salon WordPress Themes to Impress a Customer


If you are here, so you look for a professional and beautiful theme to create the best beauty salon theme to succeed in your business. And of course WordPress is that perfect tool that makes your dream come true in hours. We have gathered here a collection of 20 Best Beauty Salon WordPress themes for[…]

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#1 Multipurpose HTML Theme – Intense Review


Small wander multipurpose themes are quickly gaining favor over the others as within one theme you are getting everything needed to create a website of your dreams. Today we are going to share with you a short overview of one of the most complex HTML multipurpose themes. Meet Intense – TemplateMonster #1 multipurpose HTML template[…]

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40 Bestsellers Joomla Themes & Templates


40 Joomla bestsellers are carefully chosen to meet even most selective website developer’s demands.A lot of pains must be taken in order to create a site. When it comes to the stage of choosing the template for the website, one significant thing should be kept in mind: you should realize the difference between being ‘perfect’[…]

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20 Best Joomla Templates in Green


The life is given to man only once. And, of course, everyone wants it to be happy, joyful, conscious and beautiful. But very often we don’t do what we really want to, being stuck into routine and sweltering within the city walls. Some people are trying to impress the others with expensive and fashionable things:[…]

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50 Stylish Flat Design Templates to Truly Amaze


Maybe you’ve already heard the term ‘flat design’. The modern trend that becomes more and more popular. Strict lines, vivid colors, distinctive icons. More simplicity and functionality with minimum unnecessary details. Starting like an unknown design tendency, flat design became a true leader in the digital world and is used by such giant corporations as[…]

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