Creating a Perfect Place: 15 of the Top Interior Design WordPress Themes

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(Last Updated On: September 25, 2017)

Interior design is not just a process of choosing paint for your walls or buying separate pieces of furniture. During this process we design the space around us, creating the small world in which we live. What is around us can either comfort us and make us more productive or distract and suppress when it doesn’t fit our personality and way of life. There are places where we feel comfortable and would stay forever, but there are other places that we just want to leave and never return. Today, we want to help you to turn your website into a place that people keep coming back to with 15 of the top interior design WordPress themes.

Although there are different styles of interior design that depend on personal tastes, the cornerstone of our comfort remains the same. We all prefer being at a place that is modern and convenient, harmonious and has a great atmosphere. The usability of each piece of furniture matters, but what matters more is how well they combine and create a complete unity. Only carefully selected elements, put in the right places and supported by a common color scheme can create a feeling of being in a perfect place, the place we won’t leave forever.

What is true for interior design proves to be true for web-design in general as well. We want the client to stay on our website and enjoy exploring it. For this, we should take care of the visual presentation and usability of the page. It should have a modern look, be clean and well-structured, interactive and visually rich. The question is how can we get all this without spending a fortune on custom design?

A savvy choice would be to start off with one of the top interior templates for creating your perfect space. In this post, we’ve selected 15 of the top interior design WordPress themes that can give your website the perfect look it deserves. Each theme has its own style and color palette, but all of them are equipped with the latest web design technologies to provide a high-quality experience for your clients. Large animated slideshows, media galleries and interactive portfolios, sleek design and simple navigation are the elements that make your web page guests get that “wow” feeling when seeing the design you have created.

These 15 interior design WordPress themes run on the most popular CMS (Content Management System) so far, WordPress. It provides multiple options to customize your layout and is suited for both newcomers and advanced users. Moreover, these themes have a name behind them. These 15 interior design WordPress themes were skillfully crafted by TemplateMonster an Internet company that recently opened up its own marketplace to bring the best templates from all over the world to you. If you need more themes for your company, check out this rich set of interior design templates.

Do not hesitate to give one of these top 15 interior design WordPress themes a try with a Live Demo and think of the great benefits that you can extract from it when it’s yours!

Cherfort: Interior Design WordPress Theme

e Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Conceptual Space Responsive WordPress Site

Immpression WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Build For Tomorrow: Architecture Company WordPress Template

ture Company WP Theme

Details | Demo

Futuristic Interior Design Responsive WordPress Site Design

- the Best Interior Design WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Stylish Home Renovation & Remodeling WordPress Template

ng WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Monstroid2 – All-in-one Multipurpose WordPress Site

d2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Supreme Furniture Responsive WordPress Template

ook - Renovation & Remodeling Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern and Convenient: Interior & Furniture WordPress Theme

or & Furniture WP Theme

Details | Demo

Awesome Handmade Furniture Store WordPress Website

e Store WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bright and Inspiring Interiors Responsive WordPress Site

e WP Theme

Details | Demo

Minimalistic Interior Design WordPress Website

odeling Contractor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Step On It: Flooring Company Responsive WordPress Site

 WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Constructive Approach: Home Renovation Company WordPress Site Design

odeling Contractor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Kaleidoscope of Best Designs: Interior & Exterior Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

 Portfolio WP Theme

Details | Demo

Xurni: Fun and Cozy Interiors WordPress Template

 WP Theme

Details | Demo

Being the top 15 interior design WordPress themes of 2017, these templates are truly inspiring and let you finalize the project and establish your strong online presence within a short period of time. Choose the theme you like most and head toward launching your best online presence with it!

Take care!

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