30 WPML Ready WordPress Themes to Connect You with the World


30 WPML ready WordPress themes can make your site not only catchy and easy-in-use, but also attract new clients all over the world. How? They have all the essential WPML components, which will allow you to translate your theme into several languages and to increase the number of the visitors. Relying on one of 30[…]

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Top 10 jQuery Grid Gallery Plugins to Improve Website’s UX

Justified Gallery Plugin

JQuery is believed to be the real strength of web development. It is admired as a crisp JavaScript library that holds the capacity of making the animation, HTML document structure extension, Ajax interface, and management of events, very easy for speedy web development and designing. You can excellently apply jQuery now to benefit from an[…]

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25 Most Recent WordPress Themes to Be in Step with the Times


25 most recent WordPress themes can help you to improve the quality of your life and to gain popularity among the clients.They are able to transform even the most boring and insipid website into a catchy modern web-resource. These templates are not only good-looking and appealing, but also highly functional and clearly structured. They have[…]

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10 Best WordPress Video Plugins to Embed in Website Content

10 Best WordPress Video Plugins

Though the WordPress website along with brilliant contents, layout design and images appear excellent, but it looks even more attractive with the insertion of video plugin that can further energize your visitors to enjoy it thoroughly. With video plugin, you have the chance to constitute and embed audio as well as video contents by means[…]

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Make a Website Responsive

WordPress Plugins to Make a Website Responsive

The mobile web is expanding tremendously, and not just in 2015 but it is guaranteed to rule over the forthcoming years. If your website is not mobile-friendly, this is the right time to create your WordPress website responsive because mobile technology is thoroughly growing large. Every single user wants to use your website from their[…]

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10 Amazing Photographer WordPress Themes


If you are a professional photographer or just a beginner you may need a good website in order to advertise yourself and help your customers to see all the information they need more easily. The best thing for that purpose is to use a ready-made photography WordPress theme. This can help you to demonstrate your[…]

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Crank It up with 30 Free Website Templates


30 Free Website Templates can become your best presents this winter! Christmas is coming. And it is the time of great changes and miracles. But while you are writing a letter to Santa, you can also prepare a present for your website. The year 2014 is coming to the end and it`s high time to[…]

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Hospitality Online: 15 Examples of How a Great Hotel Website Should Look


I’m not much of a traveler (sadly), and it’s not like I browse hotel websites every day. But when I do, I’m mostly disappointed. With all the extra efforts hotels make to create a truly unique atmosphere for their guests, from well-designed interiors to branded goodies like pens and writing pads, you’d think they invest[…]

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30 Amazing WordPress Themes to Make You Successful by a Stroke of Luck


Why do you need a WordPress theme? Now comes the time when we cannot even imagine an organization or public institution without a website and thus not represented in the global network. Many individuals also come to the idea of creating their own sites. Currently, web-resources are able not only to convey information, but also[…]

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Top 20 News Portal WordPress Themes To Keep Abreast of World Events


Today the whole world is connected and we have a wonderful possibility to be well informed of what is happening at the other corner of the world. It is a responsible and at the same time fascinating task to be a messenger of those events and conflicts that shape our today’s society. But what can[…]

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